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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to find more clients

I want to buy leads

I want to upgrade to Premium Business

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How do I buy leads?

Apply to become a SavvyPro and when approved, use SavvyCredits to buy leads.

How many leads do I need?

The number of leads you need depends largely on the strength of your profile and your proposal. To achieve say a 25% conversion rate, you will need to respond to 3-4 leads on average to close a new client. Practice makes perfect!

Can I become a SavvyPro without subscribing to Premium Business?

No, SavvyPro is only reserved for annual Premium Business subscribers. Premium Business allows you to showcase your business and build trust in the community, which is a pre-requisite to converting new clients successfully.

How do I know if the leads are any good?

All leads are pre-qualified automatically, and delivered based on your set criteria as much as possible. You will have a snapshot of the quality of each lead before you buy it.

How many leads can I expect?

The amount of leads vary significantly by industry and market demand. In addition, leads delivered for you are very targeted for the best chance of success. You can choose to widen your set of criteria to increase the amount of leads you need. Or you can choose to make your criteria more stringent to limit the number of leads you receive.

How much do leads cost?

B2B leads generally cost more than B2C and can vary anywhere from 25 SC to 300 SC (around 25AUD to 300AUD) depending on the industry, service category, level of details provided and the level of demand for those leads at different times.

Should I join even if I don't need leads now?

Yes, prices for Premium Business and SavvyCredits will increase once the introductory phase is over. In addition, leads are only delivered and accessible by approved SavvyPros and you have the flexibility to buy as many or as few leads as you need.

Who is the audience?

The SavvySME community is made up of almost entirely business owners, those working in small businesses as well as those aspiring to start new businesses. Our platform tends to attract those with larger businesses (typically 5-20 employees) who are serious about growth and are willing to pay more for quality service providers. These businesses operate in various industries, predominantly in retail, hospitality, construction and services.