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Get in front of thousands of business owners instantly

Take advantage up to 1.5m+ business search queries every month

Join thousands of reputable brands and businesses across professional services, construction, retail, healthcare and many others.


$89 + GST per month
(paid annually)

All the features you need

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Build trust easily

Create a simple and elegant profile within minutes that will be sure to impress

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Feature your business at the top of search results in more than one category

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Get featured everywhere, social and email shout outs across our network of 40k+ small businesses

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Attract and engage your new followers with new messaging and broadcasting features (just like an email database)

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Showcase your products and services, case studies and success stories to stand out from your competitors

Full visibility

Track performance, latest trends, audience data and access to concierge service to maximise your potential

Start attracting more customers

Premium business has so much to offer, yet so affordable. It’s designed for businesses that are serious about growth.
Why would you settle for anything less?

Why settle for less?

SavvySME is much more than a business directory. It’s a powerful social platform and business services marketplace for small to medium businesses, where all premium features are fully integrated with the use of the site.

You get better results from an audience who’s already looking for what you have to offer.

Featured businesses enjoy up to 37 times more impressions on any given day!

Go premium today.

$89 + GST per month
(paid annually, tax deductible, cancel anytime)

A quality audience

SavvySME is where business decision makers look for quality products and services.

businesses in our network
are growing businesses
business search queries/month

What our customers are saying

Not convinced yet? You don't need to take our word for it. Here's what some of our premium subscribers have to say:


SavvySME is a great resource for professional service firms and small business. The range of expertise and wealth of knowledge available through a simple question and answer format is remarkable. We've already made valuable connections with several other like-minded business owners who've been able to provide insight into our business.


Being a Premium subscriber at SavvySME has been key in helping our business reach out to other SME type organisations over the last 6 months. The team have been more than helpful in not only assisting us in initially setting up accounts and online profiles, but they have continued to work with us on a regular basis to help build and promote our company profile across their network.


SavvySME has a very unique audience that's hard to reach. If you're looking to attract clients in the Australian B2B scene, I can't recommend the Premium Business plan enough. It has allowed us to easily get exposure and engage with prospective clients!

Frequently asked questions

Is it tax deductible?

Yes, you can claim the full amount of the subscription as tax deduction as it directly relates to generating your business income. You will receive a tax invoice automatically for each payment received.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can opt out at any time. If you’re on a monthly plan, your subscription will automatically cease at the end of your paid monthly period. For annual subscribers, your subscription will automatically cease at the end of your paid annual period.

Can I list my business for free?

Yes, the Basic plan allows to claim or list your business for free, however it does not have all the features and privileges that come with Premium Business.

Can I buy leads or sell in the marketplace without upgrading to premium membership?

No, you must be an active Premium Business member to become a Premium Seller to purchase leads or list on the marketplace.

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