Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is SavvySME?

SavvySME is a website that connects business owners and entrepreneurs with experts and resources they need to launch and grow their businesses.

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What does SME stand for?

SME stands for small and medium enterprises / businesses.

Why should I sign up?

Sign up is free and it's the best way to take advantage of SavvySME's many features.

By signing up, you have unlimited access to thousands of curated content, experts and business resources along with practical advice on day-to-day issues with top local experts and industry peers on standby 24x7. The site also makes it easy to review, compare and buy products and services to match your needs.

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How do I get started on SavvySME?

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What is my member profile?

Member profile pages is where you can add or update your information including your expertise, preferences and your activities on the site. Member profiles with fully completed information, photos and contact details tend to attract more followers, and in turn more business opportunities.

How do I control how many emails I receive?

Change email settings here.

How can I stop receiving emails?

You can either unsubscribe from the type of email you received using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

Or you can change your email preference for all other types of emails at any time.


You can also deactivate your account altogether if you prefer.

How do I change content auto-sharing settings?

Change sharing settings here.

How do I deactivate my SavvySME account?

Deactivate your account here.

What are SavvyCredits?

SavvyCredits (SC) is the virtual currency that allows you to purchase Premium Services on the SavvySME website. The SC program allows you the flexibility to either buy or earn credits, then use it to purchase premium features that best suit you. You can earn SC by simply contributing to the platform.

What is the difference between SavvyCredits and Reputation Score?

SavvyCredits is a virtual currency, whereas Reputation Score is a recognition voted by others in the community. Reputation cannot be bought, but earned.

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What are SavvyCredits worth?

SavvyCredits are calculated at approximately 100 points to the dollar at time of writing. This exchange rate may differ between product types but each product will have a clearly displayed claim rate if eligible.

How do I earn SavvyCredits?

SavvyCredits are awarded for many actions that contribute positively towards growing the SavvySME community.

The amount of credits awarded vary by the type and level of your contributions over time.

How do I redeem my SavvyCredits?

You may redeem SavvyCredits in exchange for discounts on select items in our marketplace. In future, you may also be able to redeem SavvyCredits for certain premium features on the site. 


Remember that SavvyCredits is a completely discretionary program, and we reserve the right to alter or cancel the program at any time without prior notice, and all accrued SavvyCredits will be forfeited.

SavvyCredits are not transferable or assignable and cannot be redeemed in any way other than specified above.

If your account is deactivated for any reason, all accrued SavvyCredits will be automatically forfeited.

What happens when I run out of SavvyCredits?

You can always top up on SavvyCredits at any time.

Why should I buy SavvyCredit packs?

SavvyCredits are only sold in packs. The bigger the packs, the better value you get for your money.

Can my SavvyCredits expire?

Yes, SavvyCredits are valid for 36 months from the time they are awarded or purchased. If your account is deactivated or terminated, all unused credits will be automatically forfeited.

Are unused SavvyCredits refundable, or redeemable for cash?

No, unused SavvyCredits is not refundable, transferrable or redeemable for cash.

How do I hire professionals on SavvySME?

Hiring professionals is a simple 3 step process:

Step 1: Tell us what you need by completing a quick questionnaire here

Step 2: We will send you profiles and quotes from suitable professionals for you to compare

Step 3: Hire when you're ready.

How do I get estimates?

Tell us what you need by completing a quick questionnaire here and we will send you profile of professionals and proposals for you to compare.

How much does it cost to post jobs and get estimates?

Posting jobs and getting proposals are completely free.

On completion of work, you pay the service professionals directly.
There is no commission payable to SavvySME.

How many jobs can I post?

There is no limit to the number of jobs you can post and get estimates.

There are thousands of service professionals in over 400 business service categories on the platform, so feel free to post jobs and request estimates for as many services as you need.

How do I compare professionals?

Here are some suggestions to look for:

  • Resist going for the cheapest quote, they may not suit you
  • Consider those who specialises in your industry
  • Explore their business profile and case studies to assess who is more likely to be able to achieve the same results for you
  • Read their articles to get a sense of the depth of their expertise
  • Explore their answers to questions in the community to gauge if they are the right cultural fit for your business
  • Check their reviews, and reputation of those in the community who have recommended them


How are the professionals verified?

Details provided by professionals on SavvySME are verified against registered bodies where possible to assess if they are legitimate businesses.

However, it is up to you as potential buyers to compare and assess who is the right fit for your business.

What if I'm not ready to hire?

You can still post jobs and get estimates well in advance.

This will help you make an informed decision about scope and cost of your project in due time.

Also, there is no obligation for you to hire, until you're satisfied with all the terms of the proposal and ready to start work.


What if I don't like any of the proposals?

If none of the proposals match your needs, you can always update your job description and/or request for more proposals. The system will automatically introduce you to more professionals.

How are service professionals affiliated with SavvySME?

SavvySME is a marketplace where business owners and service professionals can find each other, transact and work on projects together.

Service professionals are not affiliated with SavvySME.

How do I pay on completion of work?

On completion of work, you pay the service professionals directly.

There are no commission payable to SavvySME.

What business resources can I find on SavvySME?

You can browse for a wide range of business products and tools that are curated extensively to help business owners and entrepreneurs succeed.

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How do I search and browse for products in the marketplace?

What can I do if I can't find what I need in the marketplace?

Email with request for what you're looking for, and we will respond as soon as possible with further instructions.

How do I buy leads?

How do I sell my services?

How do I attract more customers on SavvySME?

Here are a few tips:

Ensure that your member profile and business profile are fully completed and up to date at all times.

Post new content frequently. The more content you post, the more exposure you get from potential customers.

Answer as many questions as possible and always be helpful to others in the community. Good answers show off your expertise.

Build trust by engaging with other's by commenting and sharing their content and activities regularly.

Don't spam or be aggressive in promoting your business as it turns off potential customers. Spammers will also be banned.

Take advantage of Premium services on offer.

What are business profiles?

Business profiles are pages containing business information such as business name, address and contact numbers. These information are sourced from either public information sources or business representatives who claimed their businesses, and added more detailed information about their business. Business profiles with more detailed information tend to attract more customers.

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Can I add my business for free?

Yes - basic listing is free.

See details on Premium Business.

Can I add a non-Australian business listing?

No, at the moment we are only accepting Australian businesses with valid ABNs and Australian phone numbers.

How do I get priority listing in search results on SavvySME?

How do I update and add more information / photos about my business?

Once you claim your business, go to Edit my business and select the different tabs to add more information, photos and more.

There is incorrect information about my business. How do I fix it?

Click on the "Update your details" button in the 'Is this your business?" section on the profile page to claim your business profile. Claiming the profile allows you to replace incorrect information and update the profile to include a business description, photos and more.

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What can I do if someone else has already claimed my business?

You may notify us via email along with your business details, and we will investigate and respond with further instructions as soon as possible.

How do I change my business name?

You can change your business name by editing your Business Profile.

How do I add multiple locations for my business?

You can add multiple locations as a Premium Business.

How do I change administrator for my business listing?

Go to Team tab in Edit business page to nominate another member to be the administrator.

How do I remove my business listing?

Email with your details, and we will respond with further instructions usually within 7 days.

Why do I still see my business in Google search results, even after I removed the listing?

We remove profiles within 7 days of the request, but search engines take longer to update. What you see in the search results is cached information, but if you click on the link you should see that your profile has been removed.

What are the rules and guidelines for article contributions?

How many articles can I submit per week/month?

You may submit as many articles as you like, and our editor will determine when to publish each article for maximum impact. You will be notified when each of your articles is published, so that you can engage with your readers promptly.

Can I edit my articles after they have already been approved and published?

Usually no, but you can email us on for further instructions.

How can I become a top influencer?

What is reputation score on SavvySME?

Every member on SavvySME has a reputation score. Having a higher reputation score lets others know that you are a helpful and active member of the community. It also indicates that you have specialist knowledge in certain areas and that people can approach you for advice and services they may need from you.

Why is my reputation important?

When new members or potential customers come on the site, your reputation score may be a factor in their decision to network with you or do business with you. It also helps you build instant trust with new members.

How do I grow my reputation?

When others in the community review and rate your contribution, it adds to your reputation score. As your reputation grows, the community will see you as top influencers or ambassadors for the community.

Reputation score is the default ranking criteria for all member profiles and business listings on this platform. Top ranking profiles are automatically featured on the leaderboard and across the site as “Top Influencers” in the community.

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Who are our current top influencers?

See our top influencers.

Why should I follow others?

Following others allows you to keep up to date with their activities on SavvySME. It could be someone who browses lots of interesting articles and questions, or someone who provides great answers to questions and writes articles you love to read. This saves you from revisiting their profile regularly. We deliver any updates to you when you log in.

How do I follow someone?

To follow someone click the Follow button in their profile or on the user info popup that appears when you hover over their profile picture.

How do I attract more followers?

By following other members, you can see their activities, and engage with them. If they follow you back, you can send them a message. The more you follow others and contribute to the community, the more visible you become as your reputation grows, the more followers you will attract.

How do I find the experts I need?

How do I grow my network?

Add connections here.

How do I ask a question?

You can post a new question for the community to answer on this page.

However before you do this please make sure that there is not already an existing question by typing your query into the search bar and looking at what has already been asked first; you may find your answer without having to ask a new question!

If you still haven’t found it you can click the link and fill out a simple form. The question will be sent to all applicable experts. You will get a notification when it has been answered. To have it answered quicker don’t forget to share it on your social networks.

How do I answer a question?

Answering a question is simple! Just navigate to the question page and click “answer” on the bottom. Type your answer in the simple text editor and click “submit”.

How do I vote up an answer?

We think that good answers should be rewarded and be recognised so that other people that have the same question can benefit from seeing the most relevant answers first. This is why promoting answers you think are the best is helpful for other members of the community. To do this you just need to locate and click on the heart icon next to the answer to promote the answer.

How do I personalise what I see in my feed?

Your news feed is personalised based on the people, top influencers, topics, and companies you follow.

Follow topics of interest

Follow top influencers

Follow companies

Add your connections

How do I use hashtags to discover new content on the site?

As you use the site, you can also choose to filter topics of interests by tags.

Click on a tag to see matched content on the site