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Top Influencer Program

Top Influencers are members with the highest reputation scores in the community.

    Key benefits include:

  • Featured regularly as experts in your field

  • Seen as the go-to source of specialist advice

  • Unlock more business opportunities

  • Enjoy the status of a top influencer as your reputation grows.

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As a contributor

Post articles, comments, questions and answers regularly

As a thought leader

Attract many followers seeking more advice and inspiration

As an advocate

Act as top influencer representing the community everywhere

how it works

How to get started

  • Contribute articles or Q&A
  • Be proactive e.g. Invite others to join in your discussions
  • Earn reputation points as the community rates your contributions
  • Reputation points helps you to rank and become a Top Influencer

For more information, contact us:

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How do I join the program?

To join the program, simply start contributing on the platform and earn reputation points automatically when others rate the quality of your contributions.

How can I best contribute to the community?

  • Share your experiences as well as challenges with others by , sharing answers, or . If you are unsure how and where you can best contribute, get in touch.
  • Add value to active discussions by sharing them widely and to participate.
  • Collaborate with other Top Influencers to maximise your reach and exposure.
  • Add to your Linkedin profile that you are a ‘Contributor on SavvySME’.

How do I earn a Top Influencer badge?

When your reputation score first reaches Top 30%, you are officially a SavvySME Top Influencer. A Top 30% badge for the relevant topic will automatically appear next to your name virtually everywhere on the platform.

top 30 badge

There are 3 Top Influencer badges to compete for in each topic and industry; Top 30%, Top 20% and Top 10% (where Top 10% is ranked the highest).

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These badges tell the community that you are the most regarded expert of all the contributors in your industry and topic of expertise, at the time.

You might like to add these badges to your Linkedin profile. See an example below:

linkedin profile

Can I become a Top Influencer in more than one topic or industry?

Yes. You earn reputation points automatically for each topic or industry, when others in the community rate the quality of your articles or answers.

reputation section

How can I accelerate my reputation growth and become a Top Influencer sooner?

The more you contribute and the more helpful you are to others, the easier it will be to grow your reputation score toward a Top Influencer badge.

You may work independently, or contact us to find out how we can help you accelerate your reputation growth in the community.

For more information about how we can help, contact us.

What is the difference between SavvyCredits and reputation points?

SavvyCredits is a virtual currency, whereas your reputation score is a sum of reputation points earned as voted by others in the community. Reputation cannot be bought, but earned. Learn more about growing your reputation.


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