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Advertising Solutions

If you want to promote your business and you’re looking for the best advertising solutions to do so, you’re in the right place. 

We have a variety of great offers from advertising agencies and big brand names in advertising to set you off on the right foot. 

All of our advertising solutions are curated and recommended by the community, so you can be confident in knowing that they will add value to your business.

There are many online and offline advertising products and solutions available to businesses of all shapes and sizes, and our aim is to give you plenty of information to make the best decisions.

What are the best advertising solutions for small businesses?

There isn’t a straightforward answer when it comes to which advertising is best for small businesses. It all depends on who the type of products and services you sell, who your target audience and your budget among various other factors. 

But overall, online advertising is cheaper and grants much wider customer reach. In saying that, offline advertising can be much better to target local markets.

Advertising solutions are generally broken down into two categories: offline and online.

What is offline advertising 

Offline advertising utilises traditional channels such as print, radio and TV. 


Signage is one of the first visual elements a new business considers. Signage plays a key role in reinforcing a business’s overall brand identity and can be used to convey information to customers and draw their attention to your business.

Signage is a long-term investment that provides long term exposure to new and prospective customers. Signage can be used indoors and outdoors and comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes for whatever it is you want to advertise.

What are the different types of signage?

There are many different types of signage, including:

  • Digital signage 
  • Neon signage 
  • Electronic signage 
  • Vehicle signage 
  • Event signage 
  • Backlit signage 
  • Office signage 
  • Corporate signage 
  • Outdoor digital signage 
  • Sign signage 

Billboard ads 

Billboard ads definitely grab the attention of passersby and can be a great way to integrate with other media channels and extend your audience reach. Billboards range from small (6m x 3m) roadside posters to huge landmark posters (19m x 5m)

According to Billboards Australia, smaller billboard sites range from around $1900 to $3,600 per month, with an additional printing fee of $500 and an installation fee of $395 per site. So, billboard ads aren’t the cheapest advertising option, but they expose your business to the masses while they live, commute and socialise. The ad has constant reach and can’t be switched off, unlike radio and TV.

Classified ads 

Classified ads are small advertisements in local magazines and newspapers. They’re particularly good for small businesses who want to focus marketing to a local audience or in the areas you do business in. 

Newspaper classified ads typically start from around $11 per column. Mobile and social media classified ads are now also a popular option for businesses to compete with a growing market and meet customers online where they’re spending more time.

You can also take advantage of free classified ads sites to boost your local marketing, including:

  • Craigslist
  • Gumtree
  • Ozzfreeads
  • ADSCT 
  • FreeClassifieds 
  • Facebook

Radio ads 

Radio ads are easy to produce, have a quick turnaround and can reach a large audience. Every radio station operates with particular market segments in mind, so radio ads can target a range of demographics or your exact target audience. 

They’re also pretty cost-effective, with average costs starting from around $200 per week - but there’s also production costs which average around $1000.

Magazine ads 

Print media has seen a significant decline with the rise of digital, but magazine advertising is still very promising if you know your target market is spending time in certain publications. 

Magazine ads usually have specific audience demographics and can be great for targeted reach. Readers also consume print media differently to digital media, taking more time to digest the content instead of scrolling through. Magazines typically have strong brand recognition and credibility.

TV advertisements 

TV advertising is capable of reaching the masses with a single ad slot and can be targeted to times when the target audience is likely to be tuning in. It’s worth noting that an audience is usually captive when they see the ad and won’t see your ad alongside many others, like in print ads.

TV advertising costs vary depending on the channel, time slot and length of the ad, but as an example, a 15-second advert on Channel 9 at 5.30 pm starts at around $1,800.

What is online advertising?

Online advertising uses the internet and digital channels such as mobile phones and social media to deliver messages to a target audience. Examples of online advertising include:

  • Pay per click (PPC)
  • Display ads 
  • Remarketing
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Paid social media ads 

Where can I advertise my business online?

There are so many channels available to advertise online, here are just a few examples: 

  • Facebook ads
  • Google search
  • Linkedin ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Bing ads 
  • AdMob
  • Google ads 
  • YouTube ads

… and the list goes on! Every channel supports different types of digital media to catch the attention of different types of customers.

What are the best online business advertising software and tools?

There are some great tools and software out there to create and manage online advertising for small businesses. 

Google Ads Manager 

If you want to advertise online, the first thing that springs to mind is Google. Google really is the big cat for online search advertising, allowing you to manage, analyse and report on all of your ads. 

What is Google Ads Manager?

Google Ads Manager is an online ad management platform for businesses who have direct sales. Ads Manager supports multiple ads networks such as AdSense and Ad Exchange. It allows you to manage ad revenue that comes through direct sales.

Some of the benefits of Google Ads Management include:

  • Manage ads across multiple ad networks 
  • Detailed targeting options to measure and alter your campaigns as you go
  • Advanced reporting and analytics features 

Cost: Professional Google Ads Management packages typically cost around $350 to $5000 (or 12-20% of your total ad spend) per month.


Google’s AdMob platform is used for promoting and monetising mobile applications. It allows businesses to promote their products and services via targeted in-app ads which are matched to a customer’s criteria.

Cost: Free 

Google Ads Editor 

Google Ads Editor is a downloadable tool to manage your Google Ads Campaigns. You can download one or more accounts, edit changes to a campaign offline and then upload the changes to Google Ads.

Cost: Free 

Facebook Ads Manager 

Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor is a free ad management tool to create, edit, monitor and analyse paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. The tool also allows you to track performance and manage campaign budgets and schedules.

Cost: Free 

LinkedIn Ads Manager

LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager is LinkedIn’s ad management tool that allows you to create, launch, track and assess advertising campaigns on LinkedIn.

Cost: Free

Bing Ads Editor

The Bing Ads Editor, also known as Microsoft Advertising Editor is a campaign management tool to improve the performance of your search marketing campaigns. Editor allows you to sync your campaigns with all of your accounts, create campaigns in bulk ad research new keywords, bids and ad extensions. 

Cost: Free download for Microsoft and Mac systems


Adroll is an advertising campaign management and affiliate software used to retarget website users into buyers. It can be used across mobile, web and social media platforms to expand reach.

Some of the benefits of AdRoll include:

  • Advanced tracking
  • Dynamic ads
  • Cross-channel attribution
  • Advanced audience targeting 

Cost: AdRoll offers a free package to start building your brand. The Essentials package starts from $9 per month and the Growth package starts from $19 per month.

What are the best mobile ad platforms?

The time we’re spending online as consumers is growing, and so too is the number of mobile advertising platforms. As well as some of the tools listed above, here are some other great mobile advertising platforms:

  • AppLovin
  • Unity
  • Apple Search Ads
  • AdColony  
  • PPC Management Tools 

What are the nest PPC management tools

PPC campaigns are a great way to gain traffic, generate leads and achieve a high ROI. PPC campaigns do require some time, effort and money to be successful, but luckily there’s some great software to help you out.

WordStream PPC Advisor 

WordStream Advisor is for small business owners who want to take full advantage of PPC but don’t have the budget or staff to do so. It integrates with Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and Twitter. With WordStream PPC Advisor you can build campaigns, optimise landing pages, track reports and adjust budgets. 

Cost: $264 per month for a 12-month plan, $299/month for 3-month plans 


Optmyzr is for businesses or marketers with larger budgets who want to run multiple PPC campaigns and need more automated and advanced features to do so. The platform allows you to launch, track and manage PPC campaigns on various platforms including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Cost: $499/month (for the Pro package), $799/month (for Pro Plus)

While there’s a whole bunch of great software that allows you to take the reigns of creating and managing your online advertising, you could explore an advertising agency package deal if you just don’t have the time to manage your advertising. 

What is an advertising package?

An advertising package is a custom designed package with various advertising and marketing tactics. They’re more commonly available for online and digital advertising, but some agencies may offer offline channels as part of their package. Below is an example of a typical advertising package:

  • Market research 
  • Advertising strategy 
  • Campaign graphic design
  • Creative ad copy
  • Landing page design
  • Social media 
  • Keyword research
  • Digital advertising analytics 

Advertising agencies offer advertising packages as a way of creating a cohesive and integrated advertising strategy across all channels. As a business, advertising packages can be a great way of knowing you’ve got everything covered under one roof, taking the pressure off. 

Have any more questions about which advertising solutions you should use? Reach out to our community or get advice from an experienced advertiser.


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