Is it really free to join?

Yes, you can join and use the site freely provided you create a SavvySME™ account and put up your profile and photo. When we launch, you can also opt for significantly more exposure and the convenience of advanced features in return for a low monthly fee.


What is SavvyREP?

SavvyREP is your reputation score on the site. Having a higher reputation score lets others know that you are a helpful and active member of the community. It also indicates that you have specialist knowledge in certain areas and that people can approach you for advice and services they may need from you.

Why is having a good SavvyREP score important?

Your SavvyREP score can be found on your profile and is displayed with your profile information throughout the site. When new members or potential customers come on the site, your reputation score may be a factor in their decision to network with you or do business with you. It also helps you build instant trust with new members.

How do I increase my SavvyREP score?

Building a lasting reputation is easy on SavvySME™, if you remember to do the following:

  • Answer questions that you have knowledge or expertise in to help others
  • Write quality articles in the topics you are passionate about

Why do I sometimes see certain Top Influencers with less SavvyREP rank above others with more SavvyRep?

This happens because we tailor what you see on the site - again to save you time, including the top influencers that might be more relevant to you. This is based on the information you provide in your profile, so it's important to ensure that your profile is always complete and accurate.

Savvy Credits

What are Savvy Credits?

Savvy Credits are points in a discretionary reward program which allows for our community members to be rewarded for their contribution on SavvySME™.

How do I earn Savvy Credits?

Savvy Credits are awarded for many actions that contribute positively towards growing the SavvySME™ community.

What are Savvy Credits worth?

Savvy Credits are calculated at approximately 100 points to the dollar at this time. This exchange rate may differ between product types but each product will have a clearly displayed claim rate.

What can I use my Savvy Credits for?

You may redeem SavvyCredits in exchange for discounts on select items in our marketplace. In future, you may also be able to redeem SavvyCredits for certain premium features on the site.
Please note that SavvyCredits is a completely discretionary program, and we reserve the right to alter or cancel the program at any time without prior notice, and all accrued SavvyCredits will be forfeited. SavvyCredits are not transferable or assignable and cannot be redeemed in any way other than specified above. If your account is deactivated for any reason, all accrued SavvyCredits will be automatically forfeited.


How do I ask a question?

You can post a new question for the community to answer by clicking the "Ask a question" link in the Q&A navigation item.

However before you do this please make sure that there is not already an existing question by typing your query into the search bar and looking at what has already been asked first; you may find your answer without having to ask a new question!

If you still haven’t found it you can click the link and fill out a simple form. The question will be sent to all applicable experts. You will get a notification when it has been answered. To have it answered quicker don’t forget to share it on your social networks.

How do I comment on a question?

You can comment on any answer or question by clicking on the comment button.


How do I answer a question?

Answering a question is simple! Just navigate to the question page and click “answer” on the bottom. Type your answer in the simple text editor and click “submit”.

How do I promote an answer?

We think that good answers should be rewarded and be recognised so that other people that have the same question can benefit from seeing the most relevant answers first. This is why promoting answers you think are the best is helpful for other members of the community. To do this you just need to locate and click on the thumbs-up icon next to the answer to promote the answer.

How do I demote an answer?

To demote an answer, you just need to locate and click on the thumbs-down icon next to the answer to vote it down.

Why do I lose points for voting down someone else's answers?

Demoting answers come with a penalty as we want to prevent abuse of this system. While we appreciate you flagging misleading or bad content for the community, and we hope you continue to do this, we have to deduct a minimal number of points in order to reduce intentional, malicious and fraudulent attacks towards our community members from reckless multiple down voting activity.


How do I find an article?

Articles are easily found through the "Information" tab in the navigation bar. You can choose the way in which you want to view the articles by clicking on either:

  • Latest - the newest articles posted on SavvySME™
  • Popular - articles with the most comments, views and ratings
  • Top Rated - articles that have the highest ratings

Once you have the list in front of you, you can further drill down by topic using the filter bar. You can also choose to filter by Tags by clicking on the tags to see associated content on the site.

You can also choose to read our collection of "Member stories" which are a combination of success stories and personal learnings from our SavvySME™ members.

How do I post an article?

If you have any articles you have written on your own blog that have been popular, we would love you to add them onto our SavvySME™ community so that others can benefit from your content. In addition any member is welcome to create their own articles subject to approval. To create a new article you simple have to go to your profile, go to your articles tab and click on new article.

How do I comment on an article?

To comment on an article you simply enter your comment in the comment box under the article and click the "Comment" button when finished.

How do I rate an article?

To rate an article you just need to hover over the star rating underneath the title. Highlight the number of stars you want to give it and click when you are done. Once you've rated an article you cannot re-rate it. If you don't think the article deserves a rating, and you want to flag it for being inappropriate please click the flag button next to the rating. Please note you will be deducted points for this action. This is explained under Why do I lose points for voting down someone else's answers? .

>Why do I see a different page layout for certain news or articles?

One of our most unique features is our ability to bring together the latest and most popular content on the internet for review and criticism. When viewing 3rd-party content, the page layout includes an additional side bar for comments and discussions with others in the community. This feature is designed to save you time and the hassle looking for information across multiple websites. It allows you to collaborate with others easily on the latest and most relevant issues at all times.


Why should I follow others?

Following others allows you to keep up to date with their activities on SavvySME™. It could be someone who browses lots of interesting articles and questions, or someone who provides great answers to questions and writes articles you love to read. This saves you from revisiting their profile regularly. We deliver any updates to you when you log in.

How do I follow someone?

To follow someone click the Follow button in their profile or on the user info popup that appears when you hover over their profile picture.

How do I invite my friends to join SavvySME™?

You can invite your friends by using the Invite feature in your profile page. We give you extra Savvy Credits for anyone you have invited that signs up successfully with SavvySME™.


How do I tailor what I see on the site?

In your profile you were asked to choose your industry and topic of interest. By completing this section, it will allow us to better tailor the content we show you on SavvySME™. If you haven't filled this out previously simply click on your name in the top right select "My Profile".

How do I use Tags on the site?

As you use the site, you can also choose to filter topics of interests by tags. Click on a tag to see matched content on the site.