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Graham Vale
Graham Vale Founder at

I build on line marketing and sales engines for SMEs. I have been doing that for over 25 years. But the internet isn't that old! That's right. Businesses need to recognise that the internet and social media are just tools. Great tools, but they won't ever replace the fact that people do business...

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Hi Gino,

that's a question that I have a fair amount of data on from across several sectors over the last five years. And the short answer is yes.

The long answer is that...

Top Paid Search Experts To Follow in 2021

  • Steele Walster

    Steele Walster, Director at Yikes! Marketing

    Yikes! was founded in 2019 by Steele Walster. After spending three years working on his passion project Surf Meal, he started to receive requests from his friends to help them with their digital marketing. They were impressed with the results they were getting. They were so impressed they started paying him. Word quickly spread and soon all kinds of businesses were seeking him out for the unique combination of artistic design, writing skill, technical knowledge and most importantly, real-life experience running a business. Steele's digital advertising work (to become yikes!) soon over-took Surf Meal. Yet Steele hadn't quite settled on the idea of it growing an actual business, despite regularly being told by his customers that they couldn't believe this wasn't his main work. Steele just really loved doing it. Then one day, after talking through a recent campaign he had designed to a high profile marketing expert, Steele received the shock of his life and the one that kicked started Yikes! The expert explained to Steele that the campaign he had just executed, based on its professional appearance but mainly the results, had a market value of over $30,000! Steele had charged $400. Not bad for someone that was doing it because he found it fun using all the collection of skills acquired over the years. Yikes! is the a culmination of those experiences, a vehicle to help businesses grow.

  • Bridget Holland

    Bridget Holland, Director at NoBull Marketing

    Background in marketing / general management in start-up and high growth service businesses, B2B & B2C. Internationally experienced, speak French, Japanese and Chinese. Have worked in technology, publishing, online and digital, business services and entertainment. Currently creating and implementing digital, data and content strategies to drive growth for clients. Analytical, creative, practical and hands-on with high passion to succeed. See

  • Natasha Berta

    Natasha Berta, Owner at Natasha Berta

    I help people who are afraid of marketing tech and processes, or who never feel ‘ready’, to press the go button (just do it!) to step into their authentic selves and take consistent action to start connecting with their people and making sales. Most people have what it takes to succeed but they’re not tech people. Tech is scary. Or maybe they aren’t sure that their service will hit the mark. And that’s ok! You can succeed in business with good support and a solid, reliable system.

  • Saijo George

    Saijo George, SEO Strategy Director at Supple Solutions

    Saijo George SEO Strategy Director at

    Results driven digital marketer who leads through actions and thrives in fast-paced environment. Holds solid web analytical and trend analysis skills matched by use of forecasting and competitor analysis. Experience in supporting web design, content and development towards multi-channel marketing, with a focus on SEO, content marketing and growth hacking.

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