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Bridget Holland

Background in marketing / general management in start-up and high growth service businesses, B2B & B2C. Internationally experienced, speak French, Japanese and Chinese. Have worked in technology, publishing, online and digital, business services and entertainment. Currently creating and...

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Great answers so far.  A couple more points:

1. When you get your ads done, be sure to get both a 15-second commercial AND a 30 sec.  Is far more cost effective to do both at once and...

Despite what the SEO people say, and based on gut feel rather than fact, I tend to agree with you that large parts of this market may be behind the curve in openness to 'digital' generally.  Then...

Top Home, Building & Construction Experts To Follow in 2021

  • Tom Donohoe

    Tom Donohoe, Owner at Tom Donohoe Consulting

    Tom Donohoe Owner at Tom Donohoe Consulting

    SEO & Google Adwords Consultant.

  • Ben Adams

    Ben Adams, Co-Founder at Marzipan Media

    Ben Adams Co-Founder at

    Recently co-founded Marzipan Media after a dynamic career incorporating digital marketing and communications for both private and public sector. Proven experience in growing social communities, developing growth and retention strategies for consumer databases while delivering creative, strategic and effective digital marketing campaigns.

  • Mark Reisinger

    Mark Reisinger, Owner at Web Zulu

    I've been involved in web development in some shape or form since 2001. I've never got bored with it because it's forever evolving, but I also know that is a constant source of frustration for business owners. My aim right from the beginning has been to demystify the industry and make digital marketing something tangible to small business. Take away the jargon and the technology and you are left with real people simply connecting in different ways.

  • Glen Rothquel

    Glen Rothquel, Get More Clients, Lead Generation and Conversion, Marketing at Leads 2 Profits

    Glen Rothquel Get More Clients, Lead Generation and Conversion, Marketing at Leads 2 Profits

    We help Advisors, Consultants, Business Owners and Service Professionals get More Leads, More Clients and More Sales so they make More Profits and grow their business value. ➨➨ Visit for a FREE Guide to more Clients without Networking, Cold Calling or Waiting for Referrals: ➨ Visit for our FREE report - "Get More Leads, Make More Sales, Watch Your Business Take off!" We use proven, easy to implement systems to help you

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