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Brian Le Mon
Brian Le Mon Founder & CEO at Ethical Outsourcing

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Despite what most believe and practice, outsourcing is not primarily about cost! It is about finding a service that can offer the most benefit to your business. This may be a service or skillset or it could be the opportunity to free up your time to focus on areas that generate more income for...

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Hi John,


Typically I recommend to my clients / potential clients to sit down face to face and discuss the situation and to see first hand that I know what I am talking...

I think offshore manufacturing is a necessity in many industries.

We as consumers have been conditioned to expect the lowest price for items we buy while demanding the highest wage in...

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Ilga Horvat
Ilga Horvat Operations Manager at Hornet Import and Export Group Pty Ltd

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Hornet helps companies source products from overseas, mostly China but also increasingly India. We aim to save you time, money and stress by taking care of the sourcing and import process, so you can concentrate on growing your own business. Our clients range from boutique retailers (photography props, wall decals, candles) to retail suppliers (shop fittings; promotional/gift packaging; branded premiums; fluoro lighting) to industrial (custom moulding, mining equipment) and beyond.

Steve Bryant
Steve Bryant Industry leadership at QMI Solutions

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With over 14 years' experience in industry advocacy and in diffusing technologies and best practice to industry, Steve is dedicated to helping SMEs adopt the key elements of global competitiveness to benefit enterprises and the broader economy.

Heather Chai
Heather Chai Head of Communications at Asialink Business

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I'm a former diplomat and strategic communications professional, with a passion for helping more Australian businesses unlock opportunities in Asia. Asialink Business is the National Centre for Asia Capability. Check out our training programs, practical information products and events at:

Wendy Huang
Wendy Huang Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

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I am passionate about helping businesses get online with their own blog or website in just a simple 4 minutes.

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