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Wendy Huang
Wendy Huang Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

I am passionate about helping businesses get online with their own blog or website in just a simple 4 minutes.

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Here are some indications on TV advertising, they may not be completely up to date and you may need to contact the specific channels for their current packages but this will give you a fairly good...

I would suggest you start blogging, on any free blogging platform is fine. Consistent traffic is built slowly. Also after you create content you need to follow it up with social participation in the...

Top Print Advertising Experts To Follow in 2021

  • Tam Bui

    Tam Bui, Digital Marketing Manager at Print Logistics

    Tam Bui Digital Marketing Manager at

    Tam is a profound Digital Marketing Manager at Print Logistics. From her six years of work experience in this industry, she has gained enormous knowledge and command in online marketing. She is an always-updated digital marketer with an urge to help organisations in this digital progression! Tam loves to share her online marketing agendas and expertise among new businesses and marketing aficionados. You'll often find her exchanging latest digital marketing trends over different online portals.

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