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Chelsea Creamer
Chelsea Creamer Community Manager at SavvySME

Hello! As a community manager, there is nothing I love more than reaching out & networking with all everyone. Feel free to send me a message.

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Thanks. Indeed, there are many services where you can register a free account and get the media management tools free plan. You may link your facebook page, twitter account and do posts in real time...

The answer is not obvious, however, I have used Shopify and big cartel and I would say I like them both. If you ask me Big cartel vs Shopify, I'd say - both (depends on what is your target).

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Andrew Snell

Andrew brings a range of skills and experience not often found together. Working simultaneously across different industries and disciplines he has a unique view of the business landscape. He has high level experience in marketing and public relations strategy and delivery, live production and technical management and design and has worked in and with many high profile SMEs. Andrew founded and runs Coaster Group and is a keen, serial entrepreneur - making ideas real is his passion.

James Norquay

James Norquay has over 41 years experience in internet marketing. Having grown his own network of sites to 24 million unique visitors from SEO. Worked with large corporates such as Virgin Mobile, Woolworths, CitiBank & HomeAway to drive growth from SEO & Content channels. In 2012 he founded Prosperity Media, the team has worked with high growth startups such as Campaign Monitor, DesignCrowd, OpenAgent, Open Colleges Stayz and many more to grow leads & traffic from organic traffic channels.

Oasis Shirts
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