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Keith Rowley
Keith Rowley Joint Owner and Customer Strategist at

I have enjoyed careers as a Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy, a Design Engineer in R&D for commercial and military companies, a Business Manager in two countries and now as an Internet entrepreneur. Prior to all that, I've cleaned cowsheds, served in restaurants and cleaned hotel kitchens. I've...

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OK so where to begin?! I'm going to assume that you're serious about development and tell you what I use and why.Firstly, I use Wordpress (WP) which accounts for some +30% of all...

Let's start with woocommerce. There are two parts to this: 1) Building the basic store with all relevant pages. that runs to arund $3k5 and 2) Stocking the store. The cost of this depends on...

Top Training & Development Experts To Follow in 2021

  • Jef Lippiatt

    Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

    Jef Lippiatt Owner at Startup Chucktown

    I focus on business strategy, diversification and divergent thinking. I enjoy helping others see the hidden opportunities in front of them.

  • Adrienne McLean

    Adrienne McLean, Founder at The Speakers Practice

    Adrienne McLean is focused on helping Small Businesses to get more clients with Marketing Solutions that Work! It is a combination of Adrienne's family history, experience in the corporate world and her own extensive business experience that gives Adrienne the skills to make major impacts in helping businesses develop and grow.

  • Andre Smith

    Andre Smith, Marketing

    Andre Smith Marketing

    I am an IT, Marketing and E-Commerce specialist with a couple of years of experience in the industry.

  • Damian Wolf

    Damian Wolf, Self at Self

    Damian Wolf Self at Self

    Damian Wolf is has been a self-employed business consultant and an online enthusiast since 2009. He mostly writes about business strategy, online marketing options and specific relationships under business environment.

  • Hatty Bell

    Hatty Bell, Team at SavvySME

    Hello! I have almost a decade of Marketing and Communications experience working with agencies and global retail brands like Superdry, Fortnum & Mason and Karen Millen. I am originally from Leeds in the north of the UK and moved to Australia in 2019. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

  • Scott Brown

    Scott Brown, Principal at Scott Brown Recruitment

    Hi, I'm Scott. I am a recruitment expert and small business hiring consultant with over 14 years industry experience. I started my business in 2009 as a pure recruiter, but have morphed it into a consultancy on internal hiring. I love small business and I love what I do, as it really sits well with my passion for the people side of any business. On top of that I am a blogger / writer and speaker on hiring within small businesses.

  • Maureen Bell

    Maureen Bell, Owner at Speak with Presence

    Maureen Bell Owner at Speak with Presence

    With confidence, public speaking can be enjoyable and fun. I am a public speaking and presentation skills coach working with individuals and companies to deliver engaging, confident and authentic presentations. With the right training, you too can manage the fear and become an engaging, confident public speaker. My regular workshops and one-on-one coaching will help you to use your strengths and your natural presenting style to become the speaker you’d love to be.

  • Anna Kec

    Anna Kec

    Anna Kec is a writer,editor and contributor for number of high-class business and marketing websites.Her vast knowledge and experience in event planning and marketing makes her a unique and indispensable addition to SavvySME team.

  • Greg Rogers

    Greg Rogers, Founder and CEO at Rethink HQ

    Greg Rogers Founder and CEO at

    Creator of the Rethink Infinity Sales Pipeline and the 5Ps framework, Greg shows you how to transform your business. Increase sales, improve the customer experience and lift productivity. That sounds pretty good, right? I mean who doesn’t want more sales, more customers, better productivity? You don’t even need to think about that, REthink it instead and give Greg a call, he’s a friendly, fun guy.

  • John Millar

    John Millar, Managing Director at More Profit Less Time

    John Millar Managing Director at More Profit Less Time

    I am a Business and Executive Trainer and the Managing Director, Senior Trainer and Training Content Developer with More Profit Less Time Pty Ltd. I amproud to have been an associate of most successful team of Business and Executive trainer in the world. Recognised in 2010 in the top 50 of over 1300 collegues in 31 countries, I have over 25 years of hands- on Ownership, management, training and entrepreneurial experience.

  • Lana Wilde

    Lana Wilde

    Lana Wilde is currently working from home. She is considering various career options and paths ahead.

  • Melissa Davis

    Melissa Davis, marketing at Australian Foundation

    Melissa Davis marketing at Australian Foundation

    Melissa Davis is journalist and marketing specialist from Australia, she has been writing about health, travel, and other topics on blogs across the Internet. Melissa lives in Brisbane with her husband and young daughter where she enjoys parenting, cycling, and other extreme sports.

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