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Eventbrite: $50 Credit

For all event organizers: check out Eventbrite, a global event management and ticketing platform with the APAC headquarters right here in Melbourne! Eventbrite has processed over 190 million tickets worldwide and ticketed almost 100,000 events in Australia so far, enabling organisers all over the world to plan, promote, and sell out any type of event — from networking events, to masterclasses, conferences, concerts or festivals. Hosting an event is the best way for people to learn, grow, get inspired, feel connected, give back, and celebrate. And here's the kicker: Eventbrite is completely free for free events! If you are planning to host a paid event, sign up to Eventbrite and claim your A$50 credit for ticketing fees. The credit stays with you for as long as it takes, even if your paid event is still far out in the future.

$50 Credit

Trial the SEMRush PPC Advertising Toolkit
PPC Tools

Are you looking for an all-in-one paid search toolkit to create ad campaigns that convert? The SEMrush Pro Advertising Toolkit is a great option for in-house marketers, startups and small businesses on a budget. What is SEMrush? SEMrush is a one-stop-shop toolkit for digital marketing. It has over 40 tools for paid search advertising, SEO, competitor research, social media management and analytics. With SEMrush, you can pretty much manage all aspects of your business’s online presence. Who is the SEMrush Advertising Toolkit for? The SEMrush Advertising Toolkit is ideal for pay per click (PPC) specialists and small business owners who want to create research-driven paid search campaigns and monitor performance. What is the SEMrush Advertising Toolkit? The Advertising Toolkit is broken down into three key areas: Competitive Research Keyword Research Ad Creation Some of the top tools within the toolkit include: Domain Overview Advertising Research Keyword Overview Keyword Magic Tool Keyword Gap Display Advertising PLA research PPC Keyword Tool Position Tracking Cost per click (CPC) Map Why choose the SEMrush Pro 7 day free trial? It’s important to find the right paid search tools that will help you create ad campaigns efficiently, increase conversion rate and minimise wasted ad spend. This 7-day free trial allows you to reap the benefits of not only the Advertising Toolkit, but all of the other SEMrush toolkits and review if they work well for your business.


Get Unlimited PPC Research with SpyFu
PPC Tools

Have you ever wondered why your competitors are doing so well? SpyFu helps you unlock your competitor’s PPC tactics so you can outrank them. What is SpyFu? SpyFu is a toolsuite for pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO). SpyFu has a range of keyword research and competitive intelligence solutions to help you climb the search engine rankings, beat your competitors and increase your website traffic. Who is SpyFu for? The SpyFu platform is perfect for performance-driven PPC and SEO specialists, as well as small business owners. Why use SpyFu for PPC? SpyFu allows you to harness the power of data from your top competitors and use those insights to create powerful PPC campaigns. As the name suggests, SpyFu specialises in detailed competitive analysis (AKA ‘spying’). The key features for PPC on SpyFu include: PPC Keywords: Review the paid keywords for any website with their key metrics including CPC, ad position, monthly search volume and monthly cost. PPC Ad History: Spy on the ad campaigns of your competitors (or any website) and track the top ads for specific keywords. Competitive Analysis: Gain insight into your competitors’ online marketing strategies and the keywords you have in common. Identify threats by seeing every domain bidding on your keywords. Kombat: Compare domains to review your’s and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Identify any niche keywords so that you don't miss out on profitable terms. AdWords Advisor: Get advice and action items based on your competitors’ success and get ‘best buy’ recommendations. AdWords Templates: Use handy templates to get a campaign up and running in minutes.


Create & Manage PPC Ads with Google Ads Editor
PPC Tools

Google is one of the world’s largest online advertising platforms. Create, edit and manage your ads with the free and user-friendly Google Ads Editor. What is Google Ads Editor? Google Ads Editor is a free, downloadable PPC tool for ad creation, editing and management. It allows you to manage multiple ad accounts at the same time and make bulk changes to your ad campaigns while online and offline. Google Ads Editor has a simple, user-friendly dashboard where you can manage all of your campaigns and accounts in one place. It’s also easy to collaborate with your colleagues, share files and import/export data. Who is Google Ads Editor for? Google Ads Editor is for any business or digital professional that runs paid search ads on the Google Search or Display Network. What are the benefits of Google Ads Editor? The reasons why you should use Google Ads Editor include: It’s free Use bulk editing tools to save time Track key ad campaign metrics Advanced keyword search options Option to work offline


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Google AdWords, a form of online advertising for small business, can work wonders for small businesses. Search adverts are text-based ads on a Google search result page, while the Google Display Network shows text, videos and rich ads on Google affiliated sites. Google AdWords give precise...