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Sell Your Business with a Business Sales Combo Package
Buying and Selling Businesses

Selling your business doesn’t need to be stressful with this Combo Package by Australian owned and operated Business For Sale. Attract genuine buyers and sell your business fast. The average business in Australia takes up to 12 months to sell. To find the right buyers and gauge enough interest, you need to ensure you’re advertising in the right places. Who is Business For Sale? Founded in 1987, Australian Business For Sale® is Australia’s longest established small business print publication that has been helping SME business owners sell their businesses. Now also a website, businessforsale.com.au is one of the top places to find businesses and franchise opportunities. Who is the Business For Sale Combo Package for? The Combo Package is for any SME business owner that is looking for a solution to advertise a business sale and attract the right buyers. With a range of features included in the Combo Package, you can have peace of mind that your listing is in the right places to receive genuine interest. Why should I choose the Business For Sale Combo Package? Australian Business For Sale® has helped over 30,000 business owners to sell their business. Benefits of the combo package include: They have proven results helping business owners sell their business They have expertise in attracting family buyers No commission when your business sells On-hand dedicated customer service Verified safe site Australian owned and operated


Sell Your Business: Essentials Package
Buying and Selling Businesses

Avoid broker fees and commission with a business sales package by For Sale By Owner. Manage your listing and get ongoing support. Who is For Sale By Owner ? For Sale By Owner is Australia’s largest private sales business, helping you sell your business or property without the hefty commission and fees that come with hiring a broker or real estate agent. For Sale By Owner offers packages that give you the tools and solutions to advertise your business and find interested buyers. Who is For Sale By Owner’s Business Essentials Package for? The Business Essentials Package is for anyone that is looking for a fast and effective solution to sell an SME business in Australia - without forking out for broker fees. Why choose the Business Essentials Package by forsalebyowner.com.au? Some of the benefits of this offer include: No commission No brokerage fees Advertise your business on Australia's leading business portals Get pre-sales and ongoing advice from experts in business sales


Standard Business Sales Listing
Buying and Selling Businesses

Find buyers who want to buy your business one of Australia's most highly ranking online platforms for business sales. Who is Business Sales? Established in 1996, business Sales is one of Australia’s most popular online platforms for selling a business. The platform was initially only for business brokers, but they opened up to small business owners as the desire for private sales grew. The aim of the Business Sales platform is to make selling your business online easier and more cost-effective. Who is the Standard List Until Sold Offer for? The Standard List Until Sold Offer is for small to medium-sized business owners who want to sell their business in Australia. Why choose this offer by Business Sales? The benefits of choosing this package include: No commissions No agent fees Once off low cost fee A self-managed portal where you can manage and edit your listing at any time Business Sales.com.au ranks high in organic search results and attracts a high volume of interested buyers