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Business Growth Health Check
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We've never come across a business problem that you could completely fix by throwing money at it. (In many cases, business owners throw good money after bad.) So what we do is show you ways to increase sales, turnover and profits, using systems that have been proven to work many times before. Would you like to increase sales? Would you like more customers? I can show you how Whether you're running a successful business, a struggling business – even if you're just starting out – we'd like to use our business knowledge and insights to help you…Take up our offer and here's what you will get: A 60 minute consultation* to discuss your business goals and current marketing/sales strategies A lead generation review of your website or sales processes or other marketing piece. This is a review of your content and/or process not an SEO review. Written recommendations of what changes may be required to enhance business growth Follow up call to discuss your business growth plan *This is for a phone consultation only.

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Save 15% off any Soundview subscription plan
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Small business owners are often too busy to read, which is such a shame because there are valuable nuggets hiding in business books. Enter Soundview, a book summary service that lets you absorb important business lessons quickly by providing 8-page text summaries and 20-minute audio summaries.And right now, there’s 15% off all their plans. The standard plan, which includes new book summaries weekly, monthly author webinars and offline access with iOS and Android apps, is now $84.15 instead of $99 a year. The premier, which includes access to thousands of summaries, is now $254.15 a year, discounted from $299 a year.Learn more than you could in a year with minimal time and effort in all business areas: leadership, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, technology and HR. Grow professionally and grow your business with written and recorded summaries of carefully curated business books from renowned authors.Soundview gives you options on how to consume the valuable book summaries, whether in text, audio or video. Access their extra resources such as webinars, instructional videos and newsletters. This is a popular service for CEOs, executives, startup founders, small business owners and professionals eager to improve themselves.Subscribe today with the assurance that you get a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans.

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Jay Morrison Academy: Grow your wealth and business
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Whether you are looking to fix your financial standing, get into real estate or grow your business, the Jay Morrison Academy has an online course and service for you. They cover: Real Estate, Business and Credit online program Credit repair services Business funding Business mentorship The Jay Morrison Academy seeks to teach financial literacy, business knowledge and wealth building principles for people who want to grow their wealth. Plus, you get to join a community of over 80,000 students who are building intergenerational wealth through smart investments, successful businesses and properties. Learn online from seasoned experts with affordable courses and start building wealth today.

Fixed Price Business Valuations
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Samuel & Sonz has been providing independent business valuations to businesses of different sizes and turnover for many years. Why do you need a business valuation? Selling your Business A business valuation is needed if you are selling your business and you need to know what is the market price you can expect to get if you sell. Our detailed valuation will give you the price recommendation that you can use when you sell your business. Our report will also give the buyer more trust and help you close the sale when they see that the price you expect for the sale is based on solid analysis. Business Restructuring You may need to restructure when your business is experiencing a downturn either because of the economy or your business model is not aligned properly. Our valuation report will identify the reason for the poor performance along with the current valuation. We can then work with you to improve the value of your business or if you wish to sell the business, support you through the process with our trusted business brokers. Asset Protection and Shareholder Restructure You will need to do a business valuation to protect your business value or if you wish to transfer your shares in the company to a different entity or another person Business Incorporation If you are looking to form a company, you will need to get a valuation of the business so that you can decide the starting valuation of the shares in the business. This also will help you with managing future Capital Gains Tax. Cashflow Loans and Business Loans If you are looking to get a trade finance loan, working capital loan or business loan, you will need a business valuation report. Your lender may require a business valuation which we can give you to help you get that loan. In many cases, the finance providers overlook those who really need and deserve a loan. Our valuation report can support you with getting a loan and we will also work with you to get that loan. Family Settlement Unfortunately, not all marriages or partnerships last forever. You need to know what your business is worth for family settlement purposes. Our Business Valuation report will help you. Unique Features of our Report Our reports are detailed and give the user a logical and detailed evaluation of the business along with solid analysis. Our price is fixed and reasonable and we provide you with a detailed valuation report within 7 to 10 working days. We also support you as a buddy throughout the whole process free of charge and you get to leverage our networks to your benefit.