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ABN Registration Package
Starting a Business

Are you embarking on a new journey of starting your own business? Before you do anything else you need to apply for an ABN. Lawpath has taken the hassle out of registering your business with an ABN registration package for just $50. Who is Lawpath? Lawpath is Australia’s leading online legal website and is recognised as a leader within the legal sector. Lawpath is a technology-powered legal solutions platform that provides a wide range of legal services and assistance for businesses and individuals. Lawpath seeks to provide innovative and transparent legal services via their online platform at more cost-effective prices than traditional legal services. What is Lawpath’s ABN registration package for? Lawpath offers an ABN registration service for any new businesses. They can register your ABN for the following business structures: Sole trader Company Partnership Trust Why should I choose Lawpath’s ABN registration service? Lawpath has helped over 130,000 Australians and has a great reputation among new businesses. You may be wondering why you should register your ABN with Lawpath when you could do it yourself - for free. Well, here are a few benefits of using Lawpath’s business registration service: They offer a seamless online application that requires no paperwork You can create an online account to access, upload and update all of your business details on your phone or desktop Your ABN application will be fast-tracked (it’s typically approved within 24 hours after submitting your application) Excellent customer service and support with a team available to answer your questions via email, live chat or phone Lawpath is a verified ABN provider so you can have confidence in knowing that your ABN application will be processed securely and correctly You can choose to add additional business registration services to your package, e.g. business name, GST and PAYG registration


ACN & Company Registration
Starting a Business

Registering your Australian company with ASIC doesn’t have to be stressful. eCompanies offer value for money company registration service with a fast turnaround to get your business up and running in no time. Who is eCompanies? eCompanies are committed to helping new businesses register a company with ease and no fuss. They make company registration straightforward - and without the premium price tag. eCompanies is a registered ASIC Agent, ASIC software provider and registered Tax agent so you can trust in knowing your application is being handled by a legitimate provider. Who is the eCompanies company registration package for? You should choose this company registration package if you want to ensure that your application is completed properly with all of the required supporting documents for a quick turnaround. The flat fee to register a company directly through ASIC is $506. By paying an additional service fee of just $34, eCompanies will ensure everything is correctly prepared and file the application for you. Why should I choose eCompanies? eCompanies are one of the most popular company registration providers in Australia. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose eCompanies: Paperless application (when you register yourself you must post your application or hand it over at a registered ASIC office) 24/7 access to online company registration services Email delivery of all appropriate legal documents included in the price (editable and PDF formats) A simple application process Responsive team on hand to answer your questions via live chat and email


Register Your Business Name with ABN Australia
Starting a Business

Looking for a quick and easy way to register your business name? ABN Australia.com.au provides a speedy turnaround to get your business name registration certificate delivered on the same day for $147. Who is ABN Australia.com.au? ABN Australia.com.au provides business registration services and advice for startups and small businesses. With so much to think about when you start a new business venture, their team of experienced advisors are on hand to help you on your way and make registering your business straightforward and affordable. Who is ABNAustralia.com.au’s business name registration service for? This service is for anyone that wants a quick and easy way to register a business name (and know that it has been done properly). You can also apply for your ABN at the same time and register a domain name for your website. Why should I register my business name with ABN Australia.com.au? ABN Australia.com.au is an official ASIC registered agent. This means you can trust that your business name registration has been reviewed and processed by the experts. The team will ensure your application is compliant, accurate and free of errors that could potentially affect the time it takes for your application to be approved. It’s also a much quicker application process than doing it yourself. The application takes just 5 minutes to complete using the simple form on the website. A customer support team is also available to offer helpful advice or answer any questions you may have about registering your business name (or other things concerning business registration).