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Stay Safe with the CovidSafe App
COVID-19 Business Support

The CovidSafe app by the Australian government makes contact tracing simpler and easier, keeping you and your loved ones safe. It is highly likely Covid-19 will be here to stay until a vaccine is found. The CovidSafe app helps people to slowly return to a normal life without restrictive lockdowns, while still keeping themselves and other Australians safe. It aids in contact tracing, to prevent outbreaks in the community and slow down the transmission of the disease. How does it work? Using the Bluetooth on your smartphone, it will alert you if you come in contact with someone who has been tested positive for Covid-19. Currently, contact tracing is done manually where healthcare workers have to trace all the people who came in contact with a person recently tested positive for Coronavirus. Those people will need to be alerted and asked to get tested or self-isolate in case they have also contracted the virus. This app will simplify and automate the process.