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If you're like many other small business owners, chances are you've used a credit card to help fund your business and ease cash flow. Whilst it’s true that there are a wide range of SME solutions currently available in the Australian market, the question remains: are you sure you're getting the...


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Business Insurance: Which Coverage Do You Need?

With little to no money as a startup, you may ask yourself the question "do I need business insurance," but it's obvious that you do. Consider the possibilities of legal questions and battles. Would you be able to pay all the fees that are associated with them (lawyer fees, court fees,...


A Review of MYOB, Xero and Quickbooks: Which is the Best Accounting Software for Sole Traders?

Many small business owners struggle with accounting but thanks to technological advancements, most accounting tasks can be trusted to accounting software.  MYOB, XERO and Quickbooks are among the well-known accounting software that has proven to work effectively for sole trader businesses.  Read...


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