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Evernote Business
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Never lose a single idea, note or fact. With Evernote, note taking is a breeze whether you have Internet or not. Use it for calendars, notebooks, mood boards, and other documents. This virtual notebook will let you organise all the different areas of your life and business. Evernote is a household name in digital notes, trusted by many individuals and businesses alike. Have you heard of Evernote Business? Evernote Business is the premier Evernote plan that lets you sync up with team members, manage deadlines, tasks and projects together. It is the only version that lets you collaborate online, unlike the free version of Evernote and the paid Evernote Premium. You can use it for: Knowledge repository Team documents Onboarding new team members Team management Project management

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Project Management

Up your game with ClickUp, an all-in-one tool to manage goals, teams, projects, tasks and communication. Collaborate seamlessly and never miss a deadline with this premium software that offers a variety of tool including Gantt Chart, Kanban, calendars, to-do lists and spreadsheets. This software is trying to replace your excel spreadsheet, Google calendar, to-do lists, chat windows and project management tools with just one powerful online software that is simple to customise according to your business. Use it for: Process management Task management Project management Time management Team management and collaboration


Jira Software
Project Management

Jira is an issue and project tracking software, touted as the number 1 agile software development tool. You can use it to develop features, solve issues and track releases for your software products. It is part of a suite of products by Atlassian built specifically for software development. Who is it for? Jira is heavily used by software development teams, especially for teams that practice agile software development. It's got everything you need from scrum boards and kanban boards, road maps, customisable workflow, developer tool integrations and bug tracking and escalation. Its design is easy to use, saving you time and resources with automated rules and workflow.

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Project Management

Get rid of Monday blues with Monday.com, a premier project management tool that allows you to organise your teams and important tasks. It is easy to use and comes packed with features, perfect for remote work, project managers, HR, IT, marketing and software development teams. You can automate workflow and processes, get a bird's eye view of your projects, generate reports, calculate workload and integrate with other apps you are already using in your business. Everything starts with a board, which works like a spreadsheet, except 10 times better. Customise it to create road maps, project management, content calendars, bug tracking, time sheets, and basically anything you need to run your business.

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