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Slack is a new way to work within teams, external partners and clients. Combining communication, productivity, team and project management tools, it is your all-in-one software that eliminates emails and chat apps, seamlessly integrating everything in workspaces. If you're tired of reading email threads and searching for the right conversation chatroom when you discussed something, you should consider Slack as quickly trumps emails and chats. Everything in Slack is in channels, where you can easily find information, get updates, discuss and share things within your group or company wide. The award-winning software is used by companies worldwide of various sizes and industries in fields such as: Engineering Financial services Education Sales and marketing IT HR Project management

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An established premier project management and communication tool, Basecamp helps your teams stay productive and efficient. Use it personally, or run your entire company to stay on top of projects and campaigns. Basecamp is one of the advocates for remote working and it shows in the product, with over 3 million accounts today. Features include: Message boards To-do lists Schedule File storage Group chats Automatic check-ins


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Asana is an online project management platform with tasks, timelines, boards and team communication. Small businesses will benefit tremendously from its versatile features and ease of use. It's easy to do remote work with Asana. You can build a big virtual team for your business and manage everything and everyone in Asana. Create and assign tasks, plan and track projects, set and hit deadlines, and keep notes and files all in one place. Get a birds' eye view of everything on your plate with timelines and calendars. Stay on top of your business goals, team progress and company road maps.

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Confluence is another great product by Atlassian, that lets you collaborate on documents and store all your knowledge in one place. It’s not just for software development teams, but other teams in marketing, HR and customer support can use this product with ease for meeting notes, marketing projects and recruitment drives. There's a template for everything, whether you need to write tech notes, HR policies or run marketing campaigns. With minimal styling and crisp clean interface, Confluence not only stores your knowledge base but also keeps your mind clutter free. And there are social features built in, to break team silos, making it easy to chat, give feedback and leave comments on every single document. Information can flow freely between teams and ideas will always be captured in Confluence. It also uses encryption and complies with high security standards to keep your organisation's secrets safe.

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