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Telstra: 25GB of Extra Data
Mobile and Internet Business Support

All Telstra personal and small business post-paid mobile and mobile broadband customers can register for an extra 25GB of data at no extra charge - to use in Australia within 30 days if you register by 19 April 2020. You can register via the Telstra 24x7 and My Telstra apps until 19 April 2020 and the data will be available within 48 hours. Telstra will send you an SMS when the credit has been applied. Please note: Mobile broadband customers will not receive an SMS. You won’t see the extra data on your bill, but it will appear in your app usage information.

25GB Data

Optus: Customer Support
Mobile and Internet Business Support

Optus customers may find themselves in difficult financial circumstances due to the effects of COVID-19. Optus wants to assure their customers that they are doing their best to provide support and help to stay connected during this time. What is Optus offering? Until 30 April 2020, customers can request to put their current monthly Postpaid mobile service plan charges on hold for 90 days should there be no current need for the service (please note that additional charges such as device repayments and extras are not included and will continue to be charged monthly during this period) Waiving late payment fees for all customers until 30 April 2020 Stopping disconnection and credit collection activities until 30 April 2020

Optus: 20GB Bonus Data
Mobile and Internet Business Support

Optus is giving all eligible Postpaid mobile customers a one-off add-on of 20GB bonus data per service which can be activated through the My Optus app anytime during the month of April and is valid for 30 days from activation.For eligible Prepaid customers, we'll also offer 10GB of additional data when you recharge $40 or more, or purchase $40 or more value SIM during April 2020.How long will the data last? Postpaid Bonus 20GB Data - One-off 20GB bonus data available for 30 days or until data used, whichever comes first. Excess data charges apply. Forfeited if you recontract or cancel your eligible plan.Prepaid Additional 10GB Data - Additional data will expire within 28 or 30 days depending on your plan. Excludes Daily and Long expiry plan constructs. Additional data will be forfeited if you rate plan change or number change.Am I eligible?Postpaid Bonus 20GB Data - Available between 01/04/2020-30/04/2020 to Consumer and SMB customers on any active postpaid mobile plan signed up after 01/01/2016. This includes plans such as My Plan Plus, My Plan Flex, My Plan Plus SIM Only, My Plan Plus 12M SIM, My Promo Plus, Optus Choice and Optus One. If you are on an older plan, you will need to change to our current postpaid mobile plans to be eligible for this bonus data offer. See how to change your plan here.Prepaid Additional 10GB Data - Available on $40+ recharges on all eligible Prepaid Mobile plans or when you purchase $40+ value SIM between 01/04/2020-30/04/2020. Excludes Daily and Long Expiry construct plans. Eligible plans include New Turbo Cap Plus,Optus Prepaid Supercharge, Crew Cap, Turbo Cap Bonus, Super Cap by Optus, Prepaid Mobile Broadband, Optus Prepaid Cap, My Prepaid Ultra, My Prepaid Ultra Plus, My Prepaid Ultimate, Prepaid Ultimate Plus, Optus Prepaid Epic Data, Optus Prepaid Epic Value.

20GB Data

Vodafone: 10GB Bonus Data
Mobile and Internet Business Support

To ensure our customers stay connected at this time, we’ve implemented the following initiatives:Vodafone is not charging any late payment fees, suspending services or chasing debt collection for overdue accounts. This will continue from 26 March to at least 30 April 2020. Customers will still receive payment reminders.Vodafone is reducing the cost of data overage in Australia from $10/GB to $1/GB for consumer phone plan, tablet or MBB customers who are not on endless data plans and currently on plans that trigger $10/GB overage. This is for customers who exceed their data inclusions and enter overage. Available from 31/03/20 to 05/05/20. Business Grow and Business Flex customers are also included.10GB bonus data for prepaid mobile customers as a one-off 10GB bonus data. It is being offered to active prepaid voice customers who have used their service in the last 30 days. The offer will be sent to these customers via an opt-in SMS from 31/03/20, with customers required to opt-in by texting the word ‘BOOST’ to 1263. Data will be applied within 72 hours. Data for use in Australia only and expires 30 days from receiving. Redeem by 30/04/20.Vodafone customers who are on a phone plan without endless data will get an additional 5GB data. That data will be added to all plans by 27/03/20, and can be used over the next month. Customers won’t need to do anything to activate this bonus data.Active prepaid customers will receive a one-off bonus 3GB data with their next recharge before 30/04/20.Unlimited standard national calls are being extended to all Vodafone phone plan customers and active prepaid customers by Friday 27 March until the end of April. The majority of our customers with a phone plan already have unlimited standard national calls as part of their plan, but we want to ensure all customers can continue making calls.

10GB Data

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AussieBroadband: Unmetered Usage
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SkyMesh: Extra 10GB Data
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