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Rebecca Carroll-Bell answered a question

Rebecca Carroll-Bell

Rebecca Carroll-Bell, Owner at RCB Mediation Services

Whichever one I am spending most time and attention on. Currently that is Facebook. I have also had great results from Google+. I am in the process of finding the balance and chooseing my main 3 on whihc to focus.

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

We really enjoy Twitter and find it to be very engaging. The key is to put in effort to make tweets a dialogue. Ask questions. Respond to others you follow or that just post interesting and related content. There is nothing wrong with streamlining your posting process, but don't work toward total automation. It's about thoughtful conversation.

LinkedIn groups are also very useful in the same way. You can learn a lot by lurking and just reading the content, but you'll get much more out of participating.

The last network I'll mention is focused more at Entrepreneurs and Startups (however, you can just join as an individual). It's called Teamstory (currently only on iPhone but they are looking to expand). If you are looking for feedback from other entrepreneurs or just looking to connect with others going through the same struggles, it's a great place to checkout.

Lastly, I'm going to double down on saying approach social networks as two-way conversation (not a rant, monologue or diatribe). It is called Social media for a reason, so be social.

Karen Dauncey

Karen Dauncey , Owner at Blue Cherry Online Marketing

Thanks for sharing that Jef - really interesting to hear what works well for everyone. I've not heard of Teamstory, so will check it out - thanks!
Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt , Owner at Startup Chucktown

No problem. I'd be happy to hear what networks you find the most valuable and why.

Samantha Goodman answered a question

Are there domestic cleaning businesses that may offer hints?

I would like to know how I can try and build my business up a bit more to bring in my work & more income. But I must realise that at the end of the day, I am only one person & I still I mainly advertise through Gumtree & of course FB & a few of my clients are word-of-mouth.

Samantha Goodman

Samantha Goodman, Marketing assistant at Handy Cleaners

When you start a domestic cleaning business, it's likely you'll do much of the cleaning work yourself, with the opportunity to hire experienced and skilled cleaners and take a step-back later on. Having the state-fo art cleaning equipment is the best way for you to gather some new, repeat customers. You can always count on your friends aand relatives to suggest your cleaning to business to their colleagues at work, and, suddenly, you have a lot more jobs to do. 

Lisa Ormenyessy

Lisa Ormenyessy, Business Coach and Marketing Specialist at Straight Talk Group

Clive, I have found that most domestic cleaning business I know are flat out trying to keep up with the work load. Why? Because of the referrals they accumulate from providing a brilliant job and 'wow'ing their clients.

Please don't misunderstand me, I am not saying you don't do a good job, instead I am asking .... What are three things you could do to categorically 'blow your customer out of the water'?

I know our cleaner goes above and beyond and our referrals alone have caused him to put on a new employee. He is not inexpensive either - however, the value he provides is totally worth it.

For example, when he cleans a toilet he folds the toilet paper up into a triangle like you see in the hotels and places a smiley face stamp on it. The silly thing is it makes no difference to the cleanliness - it does however make us smile and think he's doing a better job.

He is always able to find something 'extra' to do (and hence raise his rate) weather it be skirting, windows or a mark on the carpet.... he sees things we don't - and communicates it to us. We therefore have the perception that he is valuable.

He leaves a checklist behind of all that he has done - this tells us that he is a professional, has a system and takes pride in what he does.... he is not just 'cleaning'

The house always smells great when he has finished too.

I guess the take away here is that he has a fantastic attitude towards his business and this rubs off on us, the client.

I hope this helps.


Nadine McGrath answered a question

Would You Advertise In LinkedIn Or Is It Just Sharing Knowledge?

My ideal client would be found in LinkedIn.

Nadine McGrath

Nadine McGrath, Director at Creative Content Co

LinkedIn is an excellent networking tool and opportunity to connect with potential clients or others in your field. 

We have found from clients that LI has not provided the success with advertising as other forums, such as Facebook and personally I have never clicked on an ad. 

LI has become one of my favourite forums but it is really about forming meaningful relationships where you are helping people,  sharing your knowledge and taking part in meaningful discussions. 

This is a trend I have noticed of more influencers moving from other social media forums across to LI to make their mark. We will have to wait and see how this turns out in the long term.

One strategy I am liking on LI at the moment is a trend of people providing a short story (up to 1300 characters) around a key message or theme. 

Brian Mallyon

Brian Mallyon, Owner at Luckypole Limited

I use LI as a tool to locate potential people who I consider appropriate to network with and form business relationships with.

For me, advertising on there doesn't do that, simply because I see it as a networking site rather one of "selling". As with Steven, I have never clicked.on an ad.

Every new customer I have got from LinkedIn has been through contact, discussion, imparting knowledge etc. All things that consisted of personal time and effort, rather than placing an ad.

And, although I am including my experiences only, I have found that the more time and effort the better the reward. As soon as I slacken off, so does any result, sometimes significantly.


answered a question

Does anyone know how much TV advertising costs?

I am considering advertising on TV channels, does anyone know how much they cost these days?


Hi, I was wondering how much money it would be to have a 30 second add in australia at 7 o clock, channel 7 

Mirree Bayliss

Mirree Bayliss,

Katy do you still have this avilable, I'm trying to find out if this is a recent post or not like 2019?


James Norquay answered a question

What do you think is happening with Google PageRank Update?

Many of us were eagerly waiting for a PR update a month or so ago, only to be told it will be delayed. Then a few weeks later, there were even speculation that there will no longer be official PR updates, to guard against those trying to play the system. I get that good content will continue rule, but I'm curious if anyone (other than Google of course) can shed more light on what is really going on?

James Norquay

James Norquay, Consulting Director at Prosperity Media

Phill, My advice is not too worry about PR updates from Google too much, I know a few years ago people use to follow them monthly or when they came out via the blogs. Now they are just another metric in a sea of important metrics to follow for your site. Google ca do PR updates at any time it has no set structure for the releases.  Some other important metrics are: 1. The level of crawl rate your site has. (very important) Article here: http://www.blindfiveyearold.com/crawl-optimization 2. MOZ page and domain authority.  3. Metrics from Majestic SEO On site issues/ errors measurement.  Site wide linking metrics, analytics measurement ect ect Overall do more research from a site way point of view on important metrics is my key piece of advice as they will be more important overall, if you are worried about going up in PR go and use outreach to get some high power links. 
Phil Khor

Phil Khor , Founder at SavvySME

Thanks very much James, this is invaluable advice. I can see there's a whole lot more metrics to be concerned about than PR. Great article (thanks). Got a lot more homework to do :)
Tim Greig

Tim Greig , Owner at Green Galah Pty Ltd

Dead link James, at blindfiveyearold :-(
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Jef Lippiatt answered a question

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

I personally haven't employed any. However, web design and front-end development are both skills I have. I've also partnered with more technical people in the past. What type of information are you looking for? Or what would you find helpful to know?


Todd Dewey answered a question

Will this business attract more scrutiny or tax audits from the ATO in future?

A friend has placed a deposit on a hairdressing salon at Hornsby.  She has since found out that the a previous employee had informed the ATO for paying her cash wages and they were subsequently fined a substantial amount of money.  How does this affect the business going forward and will it mean more "attention" or audits from the ATO?

Todd Dewey

Todd Dewey, Consultant at Oakton

I am not an tax expert however I don't believe that the history of the previous owner would have any impact on your friend. Your friend will be lodging returns under her company / sole trader ACN or ABN. My wife has a hairdressing salon and she was audited by the ATO last year. My understanding is that they target specific industries on a cyclical basis, which may mean you will not be targeted for a while. The ATO run a range of fairly sophisticated tools to assess cash v credit sales, wages per employee, wages per sales volume etc...., however every salon is unique so it is difficult to generalise. In the end if you are upfront with what you declare, then as we were, you don't have an issue - my tip is to ensure your friend retains adequate comprehensive records in addition to bank statements, till receipts or appointment books were helpful for us.


Aditya Wardhana answered a question

Should we add a new domain to our current site or create a new one?

Hi guys, was hoping for a little advice on creating an additional or 'sister' website. We currently have a successful site and have branched off our business with a new venture. We are currently deciding if we should create a new site with a shopping cart, or can we add a new domain and link it to our current cart?

Aditya Wardhana

Aditya Wardhana, Owner at ADVIS Web Development

Hi,I personally think the decision would be very subjective. I am hoping my pointers below will help,1. Creating a new site is a hardwork from SEO perspective, it does help by having the site is a sister site.On the other hand, a 'sister' site with reference to the other successful website shows the business is growing and as we all know, people like to be involve with successful business.From SEO site, tho it is hardwork, it will be paid off, where having more than 1 strong websites is very advantages as they can support each other.2. Pointing a new domain to a existing cart, I'd say a faster to boost the new 'domain' and getting the new products off the ground since they will be in your existing successful website.From SEO perspective, I think you won't gain as much as another new site.From customer perspective, they may see another product in the shop instead of new business.Hope that helps,AdityaWeb Design Melbourne

Tom Valcanis answered a question

Tom Valcanis

Tom Valcanis, Owner at I Sell Words

I'd say some "non-number" scorecard at a glance. What's coming in, what's set to go out, and a graph to track it all.


Apurv Bhalla CPA answered a question

Difference In Company And Personal Tax Return If Working At Home

Hi all,

I was just wondering about the treatment about some home expenses. I know that if you work from home you can deduct expenses (gas, electricity, utilities) depending on the use or percentage of area compared to the whole house. What is the best way to calculate the area? 

I'm a company, so does this differ at all to small business or the treatment is the same? 

Also if I enter the home expenses to my personal tax return, is there anything else I need to enter in my company tax return or that should be fine? 

And for laptops, I can write it off immediately if it's under $6500 as a company, but as an individual, I can only write it off if it's $300 or less? Does this mean it's better for me to put it in the company tax return? I'm just a bit confused between what I should put down on my personal return and the company tax return since I am both. 

This is my first company year so feel free to let me know of anything else I should keep in mind. Thanks.

Apurv Bhalla CPA

Apurv Bhalla CPA, Accountant at Success Tax Professionals

Hi Eric, There are lots of issues here.

  • The area is to be separate from a living area such as it can be separately identifiable as an office used to run your Business. Then if that is a room you may use floor area% age or if room sizes are same Room/All rooms. say 1/3 or 1/4 but that would be an approximation.
  • Your company will be a small business if your annual turnover is < than $2m.
  • Expenses must be allocated as a percentage of your Business, Personal for Income producing activities and Private expenses. Business will be allocated to your company, Personal for income producing activities will form part of you personal tax return. Private portion is what is left non deductible.
  • Laptop bought in company name immediate write off. If bought in personal name, then depreciation if value is > than $300.00
  • Company and you are separate legal entity so please do not mix up the incomes and expenses.If it is PSI then all the profit will be attributed to you.

anything else please feel free to ask....


Eric Phuah

Eric Phuah , Director at Hystericalz Pty Ltd

Thank you for your answer Apurv! Really helpful and detailed. I only really have one question after reading your answer: how will I know the difference between a business and a personal expense for income producing activities? For example, I spend all of my working time in my study room, if I find out the percentage of time I use it and the area of the house, I can calculate the percentage I use the electricity for work. But do I put this in the company return as a business expense or on my personal return as a income producing activity?
Apurv Bhalla CPA

Apurv Bhalla CPA , Accountant at Success Tax Professionals

From the sound of it , i believe that your business from company is a PSI- Personal services income.Which means although you are working as a company, the income is yours.So any profit from the business will be attributed to you and will form part of your tax return. in thisa case you may allocate expenses to your company. But please this is a general advise from the facts i have understood,dont rely fully on it., you may still need to consult your tax accountant or otherwise I can help you.
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