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Maggie Holley answered a question

Maggie Holley

Maggie Holley, CEO & Partner at JumpStart Matrix

Hi Marko,

Do you mean the process itself? ie setting up a Newsletter on your site that will email your database list of clients?Or How do you get your emails to work for you as a business, to be successful?Or both?!:)Briefly:There are many solutions from paid 'auto responder' services like aWeber and Mailchimp, as well as plugins for Wordpress sites in particular.I prefer to give my clients control over the Newsletter from the site itself.Regarding results:The key is to have a consistent mail out.So many people start with a bang, emailing their subscribers frequently to start with and then drop off.This is not good.In my opinion, you are better to commit to once a month and follow through.Also, these days, you must be sending them real information that they find valuable- BEFORE you start asking for the sale.Tip: Best to also minimise colours and images in your emails, as a lot of SPAM filters are triggered by those and the system admin.Hope this helps.feel free to contact me for assistance.Cheers



Brad Lyons answered a question

How do I find a small business mentor?

I am in my first year of a small digital marketing business. I feel like it may be useful to have a mentor or coach who can give me advice and help me make business decisions. 

How would I find a mentor? Has anyone reached out to a mentor?

Brad Lyons

Brad Lyons, Consultant at SMS Fusion

I would say don't hire a mentor, hire a consultant. Banks and other large companies hire consultants all the time to introduce you processes and technology into their business.

Talk to sales reps. If you want to improve different areas of your business, speak to sales from the service providers. They will help you get an understanding of how their product can help. Speak to enough sales reps and you will get a better understanding of the industry and ways you can improve your current processes.

You could hire a consultant and I would recommend that. However not until you talk to sales reps first and do some industry recon first. Research your industry, know more about the tech that is available, then look at a consultant. Then you can get value for money out of them.

I have companies call asking for help however they don't really know their industry. They don't research and they don't want to change anything. They just want someone to talk to and let off steam. I have no interest in that and nor to most consultants I know.

A consultant should be able to walk in. Identify issues and put forward solutions. If your not willing or can't afford to make changes, your not in a position to hire a consultant. Prior to hiring a consultant you should have a basic understanding of what your pains are.

Are your processes taking too long. Is your spend too high vs return. Do you want to automate more. Just speaking with a consultant over the phone prior to hiring them, they should be able to tell you. Yes or No, around how much to actually make changes in your business.

If the consultant can't give you a basic understanding of what you should expect and how much to impliment change. Then call someone else.

Sathyanarayanan Srinivasa

Sathyanarayanan Srinivasa, Owner at Taxfin Business Services


Mentoring involues more of give overrall guidance and coordinate in taking appropriate business decisions.This needs experience in the particular field of business or someone who is good in strategy and number of years of experience in running similar business or maanegement experience where he can be approached whenever the business needs support in key decisions and ongoing development of the business.One of the ways to find a mentor is by identifying a person engaged in business advisosory and focussing on small business .


Zac Johnson answered a question

Does Anyone Know Which Websites Actually Accept Guest Posts?

Hi, I'm looking to spread my wings into the wonderful world of guest blogging, not really after more work (I have plenty) but I enjoy sharing my knowledge and interacting with other folks.

Any sites you know of that welcome guest posts related to SEO and copywriting?

Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson, CEO at Blogging.org

Many websites and blogs accept guest posts. I would recommend going to Google and typing in the niche market you are looking to write in, then also add "write for us" into the phrase. This will provide you with a ton of lists and opportunies. You can see a few examples of how this would be set up below.

"seo blogs write for us"

"sports blogs write for us"

"blogging tips contributors"

"copywriting blogs guest post submissions"

Also, you can view this list of sites accepting guest blog posts as well.

Mathew Hammond

Mathew Hammond, SEO Executive at Agency M

I don't have any specific websites but, I've had some success with blog outreach by using different variations of Google search parameters.


Google Search: inurl:guest AND inurl:post + "Keyword"

Google Search: inurl:guest AND inurl:blog + "Keyword"

Hope that helps ;)



John Eustace answered a question

What's the one word you could use to describe your brand?

Can you sum it up simply? What is the essence of your brand?

John Eustace

John Eustace, Principal / Communications and Media Strategist at Bells and Whistles Marketing Pty Ltd


Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster, Marketing Manager at Power Of Words

Discovery (business quality). Helpful (personal quality).  


Jef Lippiatt answered a question

What Are Your Predictions Regarding SMM trends next year?

What do you think will be the trends in 2017?

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

I'm going to say that using video will continue to become more important. Both prerecorded content and live video feeds.

I also think there will have to be a shift of more conversational content. Meaning, less autopilot posting and more conversation with followers and users.


Jenny Thomson answered a question

How will Amazon impact my retail business in Australia?

I know that the big US company Amazon is wanting to open up here in Aus. What impact will the opening of Amazon here have on my small retail business?

Does anyone know how Amazon has impacted small businesses in America?

Jenny Thomson

Jenny Thomson, Owner at Flannel Clothing

As an eCommerce site Amazon is one of the best option fot retail business. Already many of the retail businesses based in UK,USA, Australia & Canada impacted with Amazon. Even the top most brands like Alanic Activewear, Nordstrom, Nike have already connected with Amazon.

For example- https://www.amazon.com/Alanic-Activewear-AW003A-V-Neck-X-Large/dp/B06XPKJ6JB/

Brad Lyons

Brad Lyons, Consultant at SMS Fusion

answer is simple. Amazon has already impacted the Australian retail market. So your answer has already arrived.


Wendy Huang answered a question

What Marketing Techniques To Use In A Competitive Environment?

What modern marketing techniques are you employing to accelerate pipeline in today’s highly competitive environment?

Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

I think because everyone and possibly their dog is capable of creating a professional looking website and list of products and services I look for:

  • Continuous participation in the industry - through certifications and community involvement outside just the required. This may include continuous study of their key areas. One company that does this really well is Hubspot. This can also bring in lots of leads.
  • Testimonials from people I know or reputable sources
  • High participation on social media/blogging
  • Portfolio and examples of case studies is the most key for me.
  • A working online sales funnel where there is continuous qualifications and reminders sent through.

The internet is not getting any easier :)

James Norquay

James Norquay, Consulting Director at Prosperity Media

Well I think todays market is look for the following: Results from past work - prove you can actually do the job via case studies. Transparency on all work completed - show the business you are willing to show all the work you are doing. Word of mouth - If you have highly connected customers who love the work your business does you do not need to advertise. Looking for ways to amplify your content market to get the work out - you can use many different social channels to maximise exposure on your marketing - Reddit Ads, Twitter Ads, Facebook sponsored stories ect ect Test Test TEST what works.  



CAROL JONES answered a question

Any advice from anyone who has used post planner. Did you find it useful? Was it worth the subscription?

I'm wondering if I should invest in it or is there a better program out there.


CAROL JONES, Owner at Interface Pty Ltd

Good morning Tracey from rural Australia.

I'm not a digital native. More a Baby Boomer who's been dragged into the digital age by need. Rather than by era of birth.

I live and work from my remote rural property. Where there's no mobile phone reception. With an unreliable rural mobile wireless internet connection. That drops in an out with the cadence of a wrecking ball.

My main workhorse is my desktop computer. Which I turn on in the morning. And turn off in the evening. Because. I don't want to be connected to the world via my computer 24/7.

For planning purposes I tend to be old fashioned and use paper. And a pencil!

I write and post to my blog 5 days a week. Minimum. And find the Colplan One Month At A View Planner Diary perfect for me. It not only allows me to sketch in my blog posts. But also to sketch in the topics each day for my social media posts.

Plus. By seeing the whole month at a time, I can - at a glance - determine if I've bitten off more than I can chew.

I also like being able to think and plan in the peace and quiet of the non-digital world.

This, I'm sure, Tracey, is not the answer you're looking for. But it does show that you can live a productive life away from your mobile apps.

Best wishes,

~Carol Jones, Ironing Diva❦

Purveyor of The Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover And Other Goodies

350,000 customers. In 29 countries.


Levi Angarita answered a question

How does accounting software help grow your business?

How can a small business owner use his or her accounting software to help grow their business? What areas should they look at and which KPIs should they monitor?

Levi Angarita

Levi Angarita,

Fast asnwering of what you need is to keep working and increase the cashflow to get bigger limits 

Albert Kelly answered a question

Is ad revenue you receive from an app a 'sale' for GST purposes?

I'm completing my GST statement for the first time for my smartphone app business and was wondering, for revenue that I receive for displaying ads based on users duration and them clicking through, is this considered a 'sale' for GST purposes? So do I need to put it down as G1 Total Sales? Also I'm pretty sure, but to confirm, there should be no GST amounts in the revenue I receive?

Albert Kelly

Albert Kelly, Information Technology at Corporate Gifts Shop

Hey Eric,

Sounds like you are going to be running the full Google international tax savings scheme. Good work.

I do not know if you have it already, but something else to consider is making sure that everything is legally covered with your app.

As a heads up http://technologylawyer.com.au/ has an app privacy policy http://technologylawyer.com.au/app-privacy-policy.

Might be worth looking into just to make sure that you do not get the privacy breach fines that Google is coping at the moment.


Eric Phuah

Eric Phuah , Director at Hystericalz Pty Ltd

Thanks for the tip Albert, I'll have a look into it!
Apurv Bhalla CPA

Apurv Bhalla CPA, Accountant at Success Tax Professionals

Hey Eric,

Usually the money you get from outside is export and thus carries no GST. Money received from Australian carries GST. You should proportionating. Exports are GST free. Which also means that if you paid money to overseas guys to develop the app ect is also GST free so you cant claim that. 


Eric Phuah

Eric Phuah , Director at Hystericalz Pty Ltd

Hi Apurv, Awesome, thanks for the info, it's helped me out greatly. Thanks for getting back so quickly too!