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Is a registered trademark transferable?

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Jacqui Pryor

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A registered trademark, or even a pending trademark can be 'transferred' to a new owner, yes. This is done by assigning the rights from the current applicant/owner to the new. This can be done in several ways depending on the circumstances but commonly done by way of drafting a Deed of Assignment and filing this, along with the appropriate request, with the Trademarks Office who will then update the records to show the subsequent owner accordingly. There is no official/government fee. Fees could apply if you seek assistance in drafting of the Deed of Assignment.

David Ansett

David Ansett, Founder at Truly Deeply

Hi Phil, a trademark is a legal ownership of the brand mark which represents the brand, the goodwill associated with the brand and the future potential earnings of any products and services associated with the brand. Having a registered trademark is an indication that your house is in order and should be reflected in a premium for the sale price you can acheive for selling that brand or business.