How can I sell my advertising airtime for Channel Australia?


I currently hold $10,000 worth of advertising airtime for Channel Nine Australia - running across Nine, GO! and GEM (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth). 

My company has no use for this and we are trying to sell for the reduced price of $5000. Does anyone know how I could sell this or who would be interested? The airtime must be used before September 2016 - hence the heavily reduced price.


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Charlene Walker

Charlene Walker, CEO at


I have a couple of clinets who maybe interested. Can you let me know the details

  • run time of ad
  • time ads are running
  • how many and for how long
  • any other details

Katy Phillips

Katy Phillips

Hello Let me get these details and get back to you Thanks for your interest

Steven Freeman

Steven Freeman at

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There are companies like Emitch Pty Ltd that broker undersold / spare advertising air time. The trade off is you may not be able to offload for the same retail rate that you originally paid for it.