Christine Stow

Any NSW electrical contractors? Are there any government grants that I can apply for to help with some extra funding?

Extra funding to point towards marketing my business..


2 Answers

Melanie Gray

Melanie Gray , Managing Owner at MyCL (My Computer Lab)

It will be very unlikely to get a marketing grant.

The only possible way is if your businesses has something to offer back to the community like

- Youth Services

- Disability Services

- Local Community Services

Banks also have grants from time to time.

Jeremy Carter

Jeremy Carter , CEO | Leadership Trainer | Management Consultant | Business at Rapport Leadership Australia

You might want to think about the Industry Skills Fund which can reimburse up to 75% of your investment in training to assist you in pursuing new growth opportunities for your business.

More details on the ISF at

We run workshops in north west Sydney to assist Business Owners in developing business plans and growth strategies to make it easy to apply for funding