Could we see the end of Made in China in the future?

For years the world has said China makes everything.. China's economy is changing and Vietnam and others are replacing China's cheap labor. Could Made in China be gone forever? Is it goodbye?

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Brian Mallyon

Brian Mallyon, Owner at Luckypole Limited

I think it is important to look further than the headlines. China's economy is changing, but not necessarily as a manufacturer.

Stats. I have seen usually show that manufacturing goes through cycles of surges and declines depending on a whole range of things like seasonal aspects as well as the state of the world economy. Amongst those surges when times are good China generally rallies faster and when times are bad China generally slows off slower.

What may be in place is that more labour intensive industries such as those in textiles are moving away due to higher wages, whereas China is aiming for more advanced manufacturing.

I reckon China will still be THE worlds manufacturer for a long while yet.