Henrik Larsen
Henrik Larsen Director at IePlus Pty Ltd

What automated platforms or tools to use for social media?

A lot of the social media activities are rather time consuming and, as pointed out on several posts, require a lot of discipline. I am wondering if any of you can recommend any good integrated platforms/tools to automate or at least organise the different activities. Hubspot.com seems to be one such tool?

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Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at

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Hi Henrik, I love Hootsuite - it's easy, intuitive and helps me manage across different networks. The Hootlet extension works really well for me and can even be addictive, if you're not careful :) And then there's the beast.. SocialBro, which I call on from time to time when I need some extra grunt in analysing twitter followers :)

Matt Antonino

Matt Antonino, owner & SEO consultant at

Hi Henrik,

Wendy or another mod can remove this if it's not appropriate but I just *yesterday* wrote a long post about which tools I use to manage Twitter.  


The main thing I do is use Hootsuite to manage scheduling, reading through replies, DMs and basically seeing the "overall" social media I am on.  I use it for FB, Twitter, and G+ mostly.  I am also in the middle of demo'ing SocialMotus for basically the same thing.

I love the Hootlet that lets you auto schedule posts but wish it worked more like Bufferapp.  I would use Buffer if it was an all-in-one solution.  So I'm disappointed on that end.

Hubspot is a great place to start with monitoring your online activities and if you're just interested in some basic analytics, http://www.twentyfeet.com is fanstastic.

The rest of the tools mentioned in my post do other things.  Topsy - great way to see how people are sharing your content even when they don't @you.  I love Tweepi for managing Twitter followers and I wish FB had something similar.  

Also, near the end of my post I talk about RebelMouse and how it can make "one" stream of your activities - check that out.  If the link gets removed, just check through my profile and you can find the blog address.  I don't want to spam but I do think it's a helpful link to answer your Q. :) 


Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

Hi Matt, because your intention is to be helpful and you have provided enough detail to answer the question in the rest of your answer I think your link can stay :) It would be great if you can share that article at SavvySME so our members can get answers easily as well :) Time for me to add my 2c too :D

Henrik Larsen

Henrik Larsen, Director at IePlus Pty Ltd

Sorry Matt I clearly missed that post.. didn't pop up when searching before asking the question..? Anyhow perhaps others may have different tools/experiences to share?

Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster, Marketing Manager at Power Of Words

Hubspot is very expensive yes? Maybe the time saving component is not really true either, it doesnt run itself? I suggest you write blog posts, two per month is a nice balance. This is your 'base' to attract your market. (Your website is best placed on the same domain). You may automate an RSS (blog) newsletter to your email list (MailChimp has this feature), if you collect email addresses. I do this. HootSuite Pro does all you need for social media, e.g you dont need to visit Facebook to post on there, Pro is $10.79 per month. I dont use this automation as I use Google Analytics for analysis, and just hit the Social Share button to LinkedIn/G+ when I'm done with writing my post. But then I'm a little frog. Try using Google+ just a little in conjunction with Google Authorship. It improves your click-throughs if you are using long tail keywords in your blog headlines. Which of course you do.

Rosella Floral Designs

Rosella Floral Designs at

I have heard that hootsuite are quite good, and we are also looking at a way to manage our social media accounts by pushing updates to our website and blog through to our accounts.