How do I increase my facebook page likes?

I run a tutoring business and I fear my business won't receive more bookings if I don't have enough page likes.

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John Eustace

John Eustace, Principal / Communications and Media Strategist at Bells and Whistles Marketing Pty Ltd

This is a vary dangerous mindset Tracey. Facebook "likes" have virtually no correlation to either the success or failure of your tutoring business.

Simply stop concerning yourself with such insignificant social media issues that have almost no baring on your enterprise's fortunes.

If your desire is additional bookings then there are hundreds of more pressing things your marketing efforts should be addressing.

James Huy Vuong

James Huy Vuong at Your Accounting Partners

Purpose Tracey? How sure are that this is the result of your page being 'liked' - Agree with John Eustace here

Bambi Gordon

Bambi Gordon at The Woo

"Likes" for the sake of "Likes" is fairly pointless.

However, if you have designed a marketing funnel that follows Awareness, Interest, Desire & Action, Facebook can assist at each of those points.

For example, share informative, engaging content that you know your target audience is interested in. Get them to engage (and hopefully share).

As the 'audience' of "likers" builds, make an offer - for example, a free session; tickets to an event you are holding, an Ebook full of your knowledge and expertise (to help position you as an expert) which requires those who are interested to click through to a landing page on your website and provide their email address.

Now that they are on your data-base, provide valuable content via email. And at the appropriate time ask for the booking.

The key is quality and consistency - but understand that 'liking' you in itself isn't going to lead to a sale. It is one small step along the marketing funnel.

Jason Upton

Jason Upton at Resilient Digital

Top 20% Advertising

Are you looking to increase your Facebook likes to show credibility and social proof?

If so then you need to provide valuable content across multiple social platforms, and at the end simply ask your audience to like, share and visit your profile to follow.

It will take time.

Since you have a tutoring business, perhaps your best platform for building your credibility is Youtube.

Create a bunch of videos that provide insights, case studies and teaser lessons that will entice people to follow you. They don't need to be the best quality, as long as you are providing value.

Make sure to ask people to visit your Facebook page by placing a link within the video.

Lauren Clemett

Lauren Clemett, Director at Ultimate Business Propellor

Top 10% Branding

Totally agree with the advice so far.

Likes are great for building your ego, but if you want to build brand awareness and position your business, your focus should be on give to get.

Aimlessly liking pages in the hopes of like-for-like, just fills your feed with nonsense.

Best to decide exactly who your audience is, join groups and have a social media content strategy to post valuable insight, tips, tools, advice etc to generate trust in your brand.

Also remember to tell not sell. Share stories, insight etc and leave the selling until someone asks you for more.