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If you use your home as your office, can you claim on tax?

Can you claim any house related expenses on tax?

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George Grimekis CPA

George Grimekis CPA Accountant at Alpha Omega Accounting & Business Solutions

Hi Tracey,

There a different things that can be deducted depending on if you have a work area set up.

Generally speaking in your situation where your home is not your business premises you can claim utilities such as electricity and gas (apportioned), work related phone calls and depreciation on office equipment and furniture.

If you have a specific area set up to do your work you can even claim depreciation on curtains, light fittings and carpet etc.

You cannot claim rent payments, mortgage interest, insurance and council rates.

Kirsty Fox

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As John said, talk to your accountant. The tax office has specific rules regarding home offices.

John Eustace

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John Eustace

Talk to your accountant Tracey