Marty Dalton

Asked this question on 23/6/16 -IT Support

Laptop Automatically Upgraded To Windows 10, It Created Problems

How easy is it to roll back & what would the cost be to do this TIA

Melanie Gray

Melanie Gray Managing Owner at

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Hi Marty, I wouldn't recommend rolling back.Could cause even more problems. See if they can try fix the problems they have, that would be best. I have had good and bad feedback from Microsoft Support. Perhaps your friend might want to give them a call to see if they can help. It's very hard to offer any other advice without seeing the computer. Have they got a good backup system in place? I would recommend finding a good technician to help if they are serious about rolling back. Keep in mind Microsoft don't support Windows 7 anymore. Microsoft only provides security updates. I would recommend anyone with Windows 7 that is eligible for the free Windows 10 upgrade, take it up soon as it ends in July.

Melanie Gray

Also, forgot to mention... I would say starting price would be $150.00 but if you want a good job, expect to pay more than $200

Steven Freeman

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Are you sure it was automatic or client error ? If automatic how do others safeguard from this from happening? Many things break and issues occur when upgrading operating systems, particularly if your business is dependent on older more specialised Windows software.