Jocelyn Carter

What Do You Suggest For A Font For A Picture Book? Helvetica?

That seems to be a popular one online. Thanks for your help.


1 Answer

Steve Osborne

I suggest the reason Helvetica appears popular is because it's common and easy to specify due to lack of choice. The best of a bad bunch, not necessarily because it's the right font for the job.

If the type for your picture book is to be set in a large size for children, I would use an Oldstyle serif. If for adult readers, a Modern serif in a smaller size. In all cases, I would be looking for a font with a larger than usual x-height to aid legibility, particularly if type were to be set over images. Instinctively, I would avoid sans serifs for areas of dense body copy, because they are less legible.

But great for headings/sub-headings if set against a serif for text, when applied to longer form reports and documents.

It will come down to the type of content you are presenting and the impression you wish to create in the mind of your reader. A trained designer will be able to make an informed choice.