Susan Napper

How Many People Look At Local Newspapers For Local Events?

Or do people simply throw them in the bin without looking at them each week. I am trying to capture a diverse market but I am wondering if it would be best just to focus on social media posts and paid advertisements through Facebook, LinkedIn etc, create a you-tube video and link it to my website and social media pages, run some flyers up and hand out


2 Answers

John Eustace

John Eustace , Principal / Communications and Media Strategist at Bells and Whistles Marketing Pty Ltd

Simple test in 2 parts -

1 See if anyone is promoting anything similar (to a like audience) in your local paper.

If not ring the editor and suggest that they do a profile editorial on your (unique to the aria) new service,

2 If there is anything similar call them and ask them to quantify the response they have had and if they are intending to repeat their promotion.

Steven Freeman

Steven Freeman , at Evolved Sound

Print is quite dead and risky for small business advertising. If you can get in with your council and list your event through that it may be OK. I don't regularly read the local paper, but have a glance occasionally when I'm having a mental break from screen time which is a healthy thing to do once per week.