Why Do Some Services, Coaches Or Retreats Priced Where They Are?

How do you demonstrate the true value to your potential clients so they know your offer and worth 4 times more than the asking price?


1 Answer

Steve Osborne

By showing them proof of your value. Demonstrate your results. The ROI must be clear for your prospect. My general rule of thumb for demonstrating value to service-based business prospects is between 6–10x. Any less, and the "indifference lever" won't budge.

Here's an example I use in my own collateral.

As part of my Core Marketing Message, I firstly describe the target audience, secondly describe what the benefits are; and lastly, describe the results:

Smarthinking helped Greg Pike reposition his firm as an SMSF Audit specialist. Collins Pike Accountants got an ROI of more than 1900% and won over $30,000 of new business from a single campaign.

I don't ever get quibbles over my fees.

Which of course could mean I'm not charging enough, but that's a whole other story!