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Is it possible to use multiple trading names via same company?

Is it possible to complete EFTPOS and online transactions with multiple names using the same ABN/ACN? Will I need to to setup multiple merchant accounts to get different print outs on customer credit card statements? I figure if the customers statements say our company name and not the trading name we'll get chargebacks. 

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Ananda Raj Pandey

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As per the second part of the question, Most of the banks or merchant account provider  doesn't allow you use multiple trading name, with single merchant account. So most of the time you have to have multiple merchant account for different trading name to be appear on customer credit card statement. 

David Solomon

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It's an expensive and very time consuming process to set up multiple merchant accounts. My suggestion would be to advise people at the time of the transaction that the name on their statement will be XXXXXXX but that it is from you so not to worry. I've seen this done many times.

e.g. "Please note that the name on your bank statement will be XXXXXX."