Henrik Larsen
Henrik Larsen, Director at IePlus Pty Ltd

Information technology

What tools can I use to create a quick campaign landing page?

We are setting up an addwords campaign and want to create a quick html landing page to test a specific market niche.   

What tool (online or local App) would you recommend to quickly create a page without being a HTML expert? 

Are any of the specialty online landing page providers that offers page editor, tracking, interface to CRM, databases etc. any good??   


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Brent Hall

Brent Hall CEO at HelloMedical

Henrik Larsen

Henrik Larsen , Director at IePlus Pty Ltd

Hi Brent, I have been looking through the sites some really good sites.. Thanks for sharing
Henrik Larsen

Henrik Larsen , Director at IePlus Pty Ltd

Sorry forgot to ask... Which one do you find best? and why?
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Anne Macindoe

Anne Macindoe Principal Copywriter at Cluey freelance copywriters

The two real clinchers for a good landing page are:

  • Connect your concept with the ad
  • Go with a simple layout structure
  • You can create an html page in something as simple as Publisher or as sophisticated as Dreamweaver.  But, typically, you'll find there's functionality in your CMS to generate a page that doesn't automatically add itself to the website menu.

    You might find also this Lyris document useful for deciding how your landing page should look lyris-tried-true-templates.pdf 

    Henrik Larsen

    Henrik Larsen , Director at IePlus Pty Ltd

    Thanks Anne that is good info I'll check out the doc (-:
    Julie Hyne

    Julie Hyne , Author and Publisher at Business4Beauty

    Have you tried leadpages?
    Steve Osborne

    Listed by Brent hall above, I use: Lander