Frank Ansell
Frank Ansell at The Success Asylum

What's the best way to get my writing published as a guest post on major blogs?

Hey guys, has anybody in the group guest-posted on major blogs or news websites? Eg Forbes, Fastcompany, Inc., etc

I need to talk to someone about the submission process and how to get in touch with editors.

I'm getting conflicting advice about the best way to go about it.

Thanks in advance!

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Brian Bijdeveldt

Brian Bijdeveldt, Principal Business Coach at Profitkoach


I have checked out your website and your LinkedIn profile...not stalking, just assessing your business before I offer my input.

You can leverage LinkedIn by publishing your articles there. You know there is a huge audience of people looking to further their career.

By getting familiar with all that LinkedIn offers as a publishing platform you can build authority and a following. Join several targeted groups and start include them in your article distribution.

You could build a business with just this platform. Or use it to publish articles that you can point other blogs to for reference.

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown


I have some limited experience with this process. I have submitted articles I've written to Strategy + Business. They are probably between FastCompany and Harvard Business Review. Unfortunately, my submission never went anywhere.

I do know a contributor to the Inc. and Entrepreneur but he has said the process isn't straight forward to get accepted either. He's reviewed my work for me and the best advice he gave me was write your piece based on the style of the publication (e.g. some prefer short list-icle articles, some prefer long form pieces). Know the expected format. The other piece of advice I've received not just from him but others is to follow a specific contributor of a publication, comment on their articles and try to create a dialogue with them (via social media or email before just trying to pitch them on your article).

I hope that helps.

Jules Brooke

Jules Brooke, Founder and Director at author2audio

Hi Frank. Most big blogs and websites are still looking for content so it's definitely worth a try. You will need to show them 2-3 articles that you have written, as examples of your style and the subjects that you can write about. then, I would pick up the phone and try calling the editor (if you can get a number) or email them (if you can't get a number) asking if you could be considered as a regular contributor. Most will want to try you once or twice (ie. publish some one-off articles) before they commit to a regular article as they will want to see what their audience thinks of your articles and whether they engage with it. Try to take a look at what some of their current regular writers and columnists cover off and match their style. Also look for gaps in the topics they cover and offer something to fill the gap. Hope that helps!