Has anyone used cinema advertising for their business?

Was it effective and what industry are you in?

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Sputnik Sputnik

Sputnik Sputnik

Sure. The choice of media usually depends on a few different factors and can be unique to each business.

On the upside, you have a captive audience (assuming they arrive while the ads are on), they can't flick channels etc. It's also good for location based businesses that are nearby a cinema. (A meal afterwards etc) Or good for targeting certain groups of people who watch certain kinds of films if you are able to do that.

On the downside, people aren't usually in buying mode right before a film and have likely forgotten about your ad 2 hours later when they walk out. Like pretty much ALL media and placement, it really depends on what your brand is and what you're trying to achieve.

John Eustace

John Eustace, Principal / Communications and Media Strategist at Bells and Whistles Marketing Pty Ltd

Cinema advertising can be most effective for developing and
maintaining local awareness. If your business is easily accessible to individuals who attend the screen/s you advertise on.

Cinema awareness campaigns are essentially a long game and continuity is therefore important. Most people won’t remember a single ad but will eventually become familiar with your brand and offer after multiple trips to the cinema.

Prior to committing to a cinema campaign it is always worthwhile to visit the screen look at the patrons – are they really your target audience? Check out who is currently advertising and call them all to see if they will be renewing their subscription and what level/value of business they are able to associate with their cinema advertising.

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