Steve Osborne
Steve Osborne director at Stephen Roger Osborne

What are the most common marketing mistakes for small businesses?

One early mistake I made was to vastly over-estimate the interest my (assumed) target audience would have in a particular range of services. In a classic case of "plumber with a leaky tap", I sent out '000s of postcards offering a service no-one was interested in. Result: 3 (just three!) enquiries. 

I didn't research the market and ask them :

  1. Do you need this service;
  2. Can you afford this service;
  3. Are you the right audience for this service? 

It taught me an expensive lesson – it's not about what you DO, it's about what they GET.

What are your biggest marketing mistakes as a small business?

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Nick Chernih

Nick Chernih, Founder at LinkBuildSEO

The biggest mistake I made was too focus too much on SEO and too little on the actual consumer. 

My sites all rank without a problem, but I found adding a human element to my content made a big difference in conversions.

Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne, director at Stephen Roger Osborne

That's a very important observation Nick. So how did you actually add the human element?