How do I convert Facebook likes into actual sales?

How to gain sales from Facebook likes? Or are they meaningless as a barometer? Should you be chasing likes on Facebook or something else to make money?

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Mark Halstead

Mark Halstead, Managing Director at iCumulus

You could try a messenger chat bot to nurture your visitor from a like to further engagement by providing a conversation - think virtual sales assistant - there if you want more info or can be ignored. Happy to talk you through concepts. Mark

Calum Maxwell

Calum Maxwell, Managing Director at

I disagree with other answers here.

Though Travis provides some valuable information and recommendations.

Leveraging your Likes;

When they like your page send through a welcome message, introduce yourself and thank them for liking your page - this personal approach creates sensational brand trust.

Further context of this message would include the following.

  1. offer value, insight, information
  2. convey a message, client-centric
  3. open dialogue - do they have any questions for you
  4. provide your direct contact details so if ever they need to get in touch they can

You can't be selling to them in the message at this point and it needs to be focused on delivering value to them.

Finish the message with the idea if ever they get stuck that they're welcome to get in touch with you directly.

Calum Maxwell

Travis Longmore

Travis Longmore, Social Strategist at Travis Longmore Media

Yeah I like that approach at a small scale for sure! I think if you've got the time for this then it will pay off in spades. I'm probably coming at it from a slightly different perspective :)

Travis Longmore

Travis Longmore, Social Strategist at Travis Longmore Media

Hey Jamie, I honestly wouldn't be chasing likes as a high priority. It does give some "social proof" that others like your content/business but outside of that it's not hugely important.

While you can't really convert likes into sales what you can do is make sure you're posting great content that engages (gets the likes, comments etc.) because that allows you to then target anyone that engages on those posts with ads to direct them to buy.

One simple campaign would be to do this:
1. Post great content to your Facebook page that gets attention, gets engagement and gets people talking.
2. Once you've done these posts for a period of time you would then create a custom audience based on page engagement. 
3. YOu would then create some ads that target the people who have engaged on your page to direct them to purchase your products.

The idea is that they've engaged with content on your page and so have shown an interest in what you do. YOu then target ads directly at those people to encourage them to purchase. 

This is only one of MANY different ways to target and make use of Facebook's platform but it's a well tested approach.

Farhad Khurshed

Farhad Khurshed, Founder at Copywriting-Results

Top 10% Marketing

Facebook likes are a vanity metric and worthless on their own. You need to get people off Facebook and onto your email list. Then segment the list and send targeted offers.

Paul Juchima

Paul Juchima, Founder at Oi! Media

Hi Jamie, 

I think providing value would be a much better option than chasing likes.

There's a couple of strategies you can consider:

1. Go through individually and see who has liked your post. Check out their profile and see if they could potentially be a prospect. Like and comment on some of their posts, then send them a message to start a conversation. Try and find some common ground/interests. Focus on offering value more than anything else.

2. Add more Call-to-Actions in your posts. Test to see which people take action. For example, you could offer a free checklist or cheat sheet in your post, tell them to click the link to download the PDF and direct them to a landing page where (a) you request their email address in return for the checklist; and (b) track them with the Facebook Pixel so you can retarget them with Ads via a Custom audience. Another example could be to offer value/advice in your post, then your Call-to-Action could be to 'PM me for more information' and see if anyone gets in touch.

3. If you're getting some good organic likes and comments, consider boosting your posts for $5+ a day for 7 days, using the Post Engagement objective. This will help improve your post engagement and reach. If your post has a link to a page off Facebook, you can track page visitors with the Pixel to build up some good data for future Custom audiences.

It's important to test different strategies over a length of time, to see which ones you get the most traction with.


Oi! Media

Jay Smith

Jay Smith at LeadsRain: Cloud Based Auto Dialer

i Would like to suggest you to run a Facebook Lead Generation Campaign! 
You can choose target audience as people who like you page!

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