Anita Lewis

Who here utilizes letter drops for professional services?

Was just wondering if you've found success with them. I'm not talking millions here, just if they generated much interest?


1 Answer

Steve Osborne

Hi Anita

It may fall into the "traditional" and in some eyes out-of-date box of tactics, but we've had considerable success with direct mail for professional services selling B2B.

And depending on the service and the offer being made, even unaddressed mail-outs to all businesses within a postcode area has had an effect. Caveat here: the offer has to be compelling and the creative delivery outstanding.

Here's a recent case study example on behalf of an accountancy client:

The campaign comprised a highly targeted sales letter within a custom envelope.

The firm's principal was repositioned as an SMSF Audit Specialist, and we ran a traditional direct mail campaign to his database of accountancy prospects.

As a result of this single mail-out, the firm won over $30,000 of new business, and an ROI of almost 2000% was achieved.