Jeffrey Joel
Jeffrey Joel MD at Auspac Trading NSW PL

What is the cost of obtaining a Master Franchise?

Does anyone currently hold a master franchise of anything? I just like to know how the cost of one is calculated. I'm not looking for exact figures, just some general guidelines.

Craig Garbler

Craig Garbler, Managing Director at Sterling Debt Advisory Pty Ltd

This is a very open ended question - you may have asked how long is a piece of string.

The answer is a function of many things.  Demand, risk, return, timeframe, support, terms & conditions to mention but a few.

At the end of the day, this is completely subject to negotiation - and as we all know with negotiation, who is is the box seat??

Precedence is usually a good guide.  What exists for this client/model.  Are there comparable industries where bench mark comparisons can be made.  Are we talking international, national or state rights etc.

Happy to give you more information and guidance, but a lot more information is needed.