How to prepare and survive a long break from running a business?

I have a lady who will be taking over my clients during the 4-6 months i am having off, what should i be putting in place to ensure everything is how it should be when i return?



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Erin Kilpatrick

Erin Kilpatrick, Managing Director at Impact Marketing Services (AU/NZ)

Hi Nitty, preparation is key in this situation. Make sure you invest time in creating comprehensive hand-over documents before you go, covering everything to do with the client accounts, your systems and processes, client communication expectations and service delivery standards, along with the general admin and record keeping you need for your own business. If you have any specific requirements, make sure you include templates in your hand-over documents so they are easy to refer to. It might seem like a bit of overkill, however I'd recommend a "more is more" approach, and not assume that your lady will "know" what to do if a situation arises, and by having it all in one easy manual/folder, your lady will be able to refer to it while you are away and not have to rely solely on remembering what you told her in the hand-over meeting. Also, the most important but easily overlooked piece of information to include is a master sheet of contact details for your clients, along with a master file of passwords for any software you use in your business - make sure you include these also.

Externally, it would be good to introduce your clients to the lady taking over, and explain the transition before you go, as this will put the client's mind at ease, knowing they will have a go-to person in your absence.

All the best. Erin