What are great team activities for team building?

What topics would you like covered on the day - self or work matters. Any Motivating Videos you could suggest? I've done a bit of training for this client already, so a I've used a lot of my good stuff.

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Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

Lego Communication

  • First build a model with Legos (can be anything, but typically a house or a layout works best)
  • Take a picture of the model you built
  • Document each type of piece and the quantity needed

Create Lego packets for teams (one packet per team). The packet should include all the necessary parts to build the model along with a handful of other parts. When explaining the activity to the group, tell them 1 person per team will get a picture of the model (each team builds the same model).

What is the hook? Only the person with the picture can explain the picture. Limit the words they can use to the color of the piece, the location of the piece, the size of the piece and what level that piece is on.

The team has to work together to find all the correct pieces, and to assemble them. The hard part is the picture may not show all pieces within the model (as the picture is in perspective so one side may not be visible). This goes into trying to explain what piece may be logical.

This of course leads to team discussion (and maybe some small arguments).

The most important thing is to set a time limit, of say 10 to 15 minutes maximum. After that time has expired, ask all teams to stop building. Walk around and look at the models. How close were the teams to matching them?

Ask them what they struggled with and why. Then speak about the importance of clear communication.


Tracey Miller

Tracey Miller at

Hi Sandra

Last year I started my business artation which is making art work for team building. Working to a theme of your choice we provide a painting activity for your people. For example the theme of the painting might be the aims of the conference or the values of the company etc. The participants work in small groups to paint on a canvas. No painting experience is necessary. Each group is given a plan to follow. Teams need to communicate and collaborate to make their painting on canvas successful. This is the absolute opposite of competitive team building. At the end of the session all the groups put their canvases together, like a puzzle coming together to reveal the big picture.

Later the painting can be exhibited in the office as a constant and tangible reminder of the team building day and what they can achieve together.


Kind regards

Tracey Miller

Melanie Gray

Melanie Gray, Managing Owner at

Top 10% Insurance

We did personality profiles on a team building day. Was really insightful, got us all understanding each other a bit better and how to work better with each other.