Michael Tutek
Michael Tutek Founder at Preezie

Has anyone here been successful at generating low cost or what i call smart traffic?

Hi All,

Has anyone here been successful at generating low cost or what i call smart traffic?

Examples may be PR, content marketing or some disruptive marketing campaign, could even be a low budget great video add, similar to the dollarshaveclub one.

Anyone here have any ideas or can share some success stories?


Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne, director at Stephen Roger Osborne

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"Low cost" is a relative term. It depends on the expected/achieved ROI (Return On Investment).

For example, I may spend $10 per click on a PPC campaign to gain a 10% conversion rate, on a product worth $100. That's a poor ROI.

The same $10 and 10% conversion rate on a $1000 product is very good.

Examples of very large returns from very low budget marketing are so few and far between as to call them at best, a happy accident, or at worst, virtually non-existent.

While I can share some "limited budget" successes I have achieved for clients, first I suggest you figure out your desired return and set an appropriate budget to achieve your goal.