Which company offers public liability insurance to businesses with independent contractors?

Preferably businesses with independent contractors as their workforce. I would greatly appreciate any comments/intros with this one.

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Mark Mellish

Mark Mellish, Senior Account Manager - Commercial and Niche at Richard Mellish Insurance Services

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Hi Kellie,

Many won't cover a principal if the turnover generated by subcontractors exceeds a certain percentage (which differs between insurers).

Some do, however there are more variables that need to be known - these include:

- What industry will they be in?

- What activities will they be performing?

- Are they required to hold their own Liability Insurance?

Have you spoken to an insurance broker as they should be able to assist you further? I had a client with a similar situation but after some research we were able to obtain the correct cover for him.



Melanie Gray

Melanie Gray, Managing Owner at

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There a many laws in place for hiring contractors. If they don't have their own insurance and you provide it for them, consider other aspects of their arrangement with you. They might, by law, need to be employed by you.

Harry Chhonker

Harry Chhonker, furniture at Removalist Parramatta


Jane Jones

Jane Jones, Manager at SavvySME

Thanks everyone. @Kate Fairley - can I get your opinion on this one?


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