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When we get a lead, when should we call?

after a successful marketing campaign we have leads to convert/nurture into clients.. My biff is if our marketing is the bomb, but our sales process is shite.. whats the point? we aren't really saving money or time doing better business, right?.. My question to everyone if you guys care to When we get a lead, when should we call , what is best time to call, how often, and when enough is enough...?

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Joel Warren

Joel Warren, Designer & Strategic Marketter at Wiild Interactive

All your questions are subjective, the main point that's worth considering though is: When can you call when you are most current in the leads mind?

This is most likely when they have first initiated contact, be responsive - contacting as soon as possible will make sure you are welcoming yourself into the conversation rather than letting time pass and having doubts enter their mind.

Who is your client? If they are a decision maker in a mid to large business they might be flat out during business hours managing their team/business and reserve decisions about accounting to specific times or days when they can focus - and you should be able to see this by tracking when they are interacting with you.

It's a busy world and people's attention is constantly under attack, if you aren't in your customers mind when they are considering you to solve their issue then you won't do a deal.

If you have a longer buying process, you might be nuturing a lead with content to better position yourself, but it's still valid to touch base on initial contact to make sure you are connecting on a personal level - the conversation on the phone just might be a slightly different one - a short and sweet introduction and to answer any questions they have.