What is one thing about your business that others want to know?

I'm curious to know if SavvySMEs are aware that others might want to know about their Business. Teaching others is a great way to generate new energy in and around your Business. What one thing would others want to know about your business? Have you ever tried to teach others some aspect of what you do?

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Sam Spence

Sam Spence, Owner & Virtual Assistant at

I like your question Ingrid, and I will try to provide a short answer! With my industry - Virtual Assistance - the main thing that others don't know about is that we exist, especially in the regional areas. The attraction with partnering with a VA varies on the client needs and their business goals, and the benefits are varied. But what I really want to tell business owners about VAs is 2 things - VAs care about your business success and we are collaborative!
Virtual Assistant work very well to support small business.

Ingrid Thompson

Ingrid Thompson at

Sam, VAs are wonderful. I was a speaker at the VA Conference and this seemed to be one of their greatest issues - "invisibility". Sam, have you thought about targeting Business people other than SME? I have a number of friedns in Corporate Australia who do not have EAs or PAs and would be willing to pay for servies of a VA - they also didn;t know VAs exist. They may need to be able to pay with credit card in order for it to go through their expenses - I'm sure an efficient VA could work out how to do that.

Sam Spence

Sam Spence, Owner & Virtual Assistant at

Thanks Ingrid for your thoughts. My biz is only new, but I am making headway with awareness. Word of Mouth appears to be the most successful way to promote the services VAs offer, and how we can help business owners and leaders. A fellow VA friend is targeting the Corporate world, and I am watching closely. I like your comment about having spoken at a previous VA Conference. I'm off to this years conference next month. I expect I'll learn a great deal. Thanks again for sharing your insights.

Bill Doyle

Bill Doyle, Owner / Director at Insight Into Action (I2A) Coaching

Great question Ingrid. 

As a business and transformational coach 'Teaching others...' is arguably an integral part of the process as 'one thing' consistently asked (about my business) is what exactly is 'Coaching'?  

From experience, individuals tend to label coaching as; counseling, therapy, training, teaching, mentoring or into a niche / specific business specialism.   In reality coaching is a blend of all of these things yet so much more; leadership, positive psychology, confidant, etc.

Regarding your final inquiry '... teach others some aspect of what you do?'  As a prerequisite to any engagement, I always have an open discussion around their definitions and expectations of the coaching process before I define my role as a Coach is to;

... facilitate 'Insight' into 'Action' or 'Acceptance'.  

Once again, great question and hope this helps, regards Bill