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An online survey, have your say and help me understand you better

Hi All,

I am conducting a  short survey and would love anyone and everyone to participate. If I can get answers from the SavvySME forum I can at least guarantee the answers come from real Australians. :)

Last time you shopped at a major appliance retailer (The Good Guys, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey)

1.  Did you trust the sales person?
     a) Yes
     b) Maybe (A little)
     c) No

2.  How much did you rely on the sales person’s advice?
     a) Lots
     b) A little
     c) None

3.  Did you feel confident with your purchase?
     a) Yes
     b) No

Thanks in advance for anyone who participates :)

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Carl Bischoff

Carl Bischoff Owner at

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1) no

2) A little

3) Yes

PS posting a link to a survey monkey scenario might work better also recommend you ask at least one open question and may a few extra questions :)

Melanie Gray

Melanie Gray , Managing Owner at

I agree, ask an open question like 'what are the biggest problem you face with...'
Melanie Gray

Melanie Gray Managing Owner at

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I'm a techie so I do all my research before I buy anything. By the time I get to the store, I already know exactly what I want.

Michael Tutek

Michael Tutek , Founder at Preezie

Thanks for the answers. To be honest i wanted to ask a open question and i have a much more details survey, but i was hoping if i make this so short and sweet more people would give it a try. I will do one via survey monkey but just wanted to get feedback via a few forums first. Thanks heaps for answering :)
Brian Dorricott

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Hi Steve,

Great to see you're doing a survey.

Looking at the questions, I'm struggling to see what you hope to learn. Are you looking to find out what problems people face at a major appliance retailer?


Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne director at

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Recently shopped at Harvey Norman for new kitchen appliances: wall oven, stove top, dishwasher. My responses:

1. a
2. a
3. a

Process could not have been easier. We got exactly what we needed, at a price we were happy with, with no upsell sales pitch.