Marco Morales
Marco Morales Founder / Creative Director at Little Big Epic creative agency

What should I do next to grow my business into a successful company?

Here is an interesting and important one: all this time i thought my goal was to grow a successful company. After 3 years working almost at a loss, i realize that i wasn't measuring growth and success with a business KPI: it wasn't sales that excited me, it was a job well done, customer satisfaction, interesting work, a great team. But that meant my focus wasn't on the money, so I struggled to the point I've had to give up the office, let everyone go and work as a single consultant until i figure out what comes next. :/ i started an ad agency; now i don't know what happens next. My weaknesses were 1. Lack of capital, 2. Lack of contacts (new city) and 3. Lack of a bottom-line a approach (which may mean a business-minded partner, so i can focus on the vision). So my challenge now is to figure out what happens next.

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown


As you've already mentioned, partnering with a more business minded person may be a good option for you. That is as long as you find someone that shares your vision.

The other option is to "grow slow". This meas hiring very slowly so you don't eat too far into the revenue you are making. Also start with a small office and move when you absolutely can't fit in the existing space any longer. It may be very possible to grow the business with a very small team.

Keep in mind until you have a solid pipeline of money / clients, you can always use freelance or contract workers as you need more people for a specific contract or client. If working with those people goes well, keep them in mind for full time employement once you've grown enough to make that investment.