What is the number one strategy to help you increase your sales?

I am planning a webinar soon and I am researching the perceived problem of business owners in the area of sales. What is your number one tip for increasing sales?

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Greg Rogers

Greg Rogers, Founder and CEO at

Hi Selena,

One thing? Cos there are many, many things.

But just one?

Define it.

Define it and you will be able to identify the ONE THING that will work best.

"Increase your sales" is equivalent to using a map but without knowing what the destination is.

If you can't define it, how will you know when you get there? If you don't know that, how could you know what to do?

It's akin to throwing darts blindfolded, you might hit the target occasionally but you have no idea!

Define it might be something like - we want to increase our new customer sales by 15% in 6 weeks.

You now have the end result and what success looks like, plus you have a baseline on which you can measure.

Now you can plan what the best strategy/action/execution is to take to get that result. The one thing.

You then prepare whatever resources, tools, training, skills are required to action/execute.

Then you participate, actually put the planing and preparation into play, this is the doing.

You check your progress, are we on track, is any adjustment required, what's working - what's not.

And this will increase the probability of reaching that 'defined' target, the payoff.

That's my 5Ps framework in action right there. As Covey said, start with the end in mind.

If 'increasing sales' is 15% more new customer sales in 6 weeks, then the ONE thing that sits behind that is going to be completely different to 'increasing sales' meaning 15% more existing customer sales in 6 weeks.

If you can define it; you can observe if it is happening or not; if you can define it and observe it, you can measure it; if you can define it, observe it and measure it, the feedback becomes objective rather than subjective.

Hope that helps and makes sense.

To your business growth.


Lisa Ormenyessy

Lisa Ormenyessy, Business Coach and Marketing Specialist at

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Hi Selena,

In my experience, the perceived problem from business owners is 'closing', however it is more like not doing enough in the early discovery process and building rapport with the prospect that lets business owners down. When sales is done right there is a natural close that occurs.

Cheers, Lisa

Theodora Nikolaou

Theodora Nikolaou at Dora Nikolaou

From a marketing side, it will depend on the business, what stage of business they are at, who they are targeting, their positioning and messaging in the market, and their competitors. And then its about looking at online and offline channels accordingly. 

A lot of people feel 'eecky' about sales and it's about pitching it differently to them. It's about them helping that person with the problem they are facing.